Monday, July 11, 2011

This is What My Nephew Taught Me About Babies...

... they usually smile when they wake up, even if it's after a scant 20-minute nap.
... when they're hungry, they're HUNGRY. Feed immediately.
... traveling with one, even to the mall, is sort of like a camping trip. You have to pack food and utensils and some sort of a mat, plus entertainment and a million other things.
... they will put everything into their mouths, including hair and toes and Sony DreamCast controllers; ew.
... they are amused by simple things, like saying hello or clapping your hands or making faces (not the scary ones, though; that makes them cry). However, this amusement can sometimes be short-lived and baby tastes are fickle, so what works one day doesn't work the next.
... time is not relevant to them; they might sleep all day and party all night like a university student, and sometimes they only sleep for 4 hours at a time.
... babies like to be carried and not every one of them likes riding in a car.
... mum-mum's are baby crack(ers), and a surefire way to get a whiny baby distracted.
... the moment the teeth come in, their mouths become weapons. Beware.
... there is nothing so beautiful as a baby's laugh or a baby's giant grin. Nothing.

My 7-month old nephew has spent a scant couple of weeks with me (1.5 in E-town and another 1 in Van) and I am pretty hooked on that little guy. Hubbs has melted for him too, as evidenced by how gushy he acts when he has the little one in his arms. I will miss him when he goes home (and I'll miss his parents too) and this month-long hiatus before I see him again will feel like forever. Thank God for Skype!!! And thank you, my little nephew, for being part of our lives! :)


~Rain``` said...

Congrats on the nephew! Cute little creatures, right?!