Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sofa So Good!

Hubbs and I needed new furniture. We've actually needed new stuff for a while. Reasons? Our dining chairs are falling apart, splintering at the seams and losing screws left, right and center; we bought them cheap and got what we paid for. Our sofa is also sinking into the ground, having stretched over the past decade from daily use and abuse. Finally, we need to increase our comfortable and safe seating for guests who will be joining us for small group come September.

So, where to start? What to buy? How much to pay? It was a super tough weekend for us. We wanted to get stuff that matched our present dining table and entertainment unit (both are dark expresso brown). We wanted a modern look to our furniture, but we didn't want to spend a lot of money and I was picky about having seats with proper high backs (as opposed to the trend of low-backed, clean-lined couches that are so in vogue right now). Both Hubbs and I were also big on comfort; we wanted seats that wouldn't hurt our butts after sitting for an hour and a half.

So, we compromised. By fluke, we managed to find some lovely bonded leather brown parson chairs on sale for half price. We bought 6 and stayed under budget!

Next, we splurged on a Lazy Boy recliner (for me). I've always wanted a leather rocking recliner and in the event that one day I will be a momma, I'll want a comfy chair to rock my baby in. Luckily, we stumbled into the store on a "spin the wheel" day and won free delivery for our Calvin reclining chair, which was also on sale. Perfecto!

The sofa was a far more difficult find. Internally I was debating whether I preferred clean lines or high backs (because both do not co-exist in most stationary sofas), and then there were concerns about matching the style and colour of the sofa to the recliner. We drove to 7 places yesterday and saw well over 100 sofas. The only one we liked cost more than I would have wanted to pay, and was being sold in a store with like the worst reputation ever (I googled them and read the rants - it wasn't pretty). So, even if we wanted to buy that overpriced sofa set, the negative reviews were enough to deter us from considering it seriously.

Today, I was more willing to compromise on the sofa. Because I wanted a high back more than I cared about clean lines, I was willing to consider reclining sofas (the only ones out there with high backs). I also didn't want to blow our budget, knowing full well that in a few years, if/when we buy our own place, we will probably want to furnish it from scratch anyway, making these purchases irrelevant to our new future home. I even compromised on the style of the sofa; I was willing to consider "puffier" options that maybe didn't look just like my recliner, but was similar in colour.

In our first shop stop, Hubbs insisted that we pray before we went inside. Great idea. Within 5 minutes of entering, our prayers were answered: we found the sofa that we both loved. Sure, it was puffy, and a recliner, and not even leather (well, it's bonded leather, but that's not really leather). But it was on sale ($500 off today) and it was comfortable and it had a high back and it was a pretty close match colour-wise to our recliner (I think). After a short deliberation, our decision was made and our purchase was finalized.

Now all that's left to buy are stools (to replace the current crappy ones) and a leather storage bench. Praise God that we were able to find and purchase nearly everything we needed within the budget we had set, and in just one short weekend! :) My only prayer now is that the sofa and the recliner will look good beside one another and that nothing will be damaged during delivery. Here's hoping!