Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pho Crying Out Loud!

Lately (as in the past three days), I've been hankering for pho. Aside from lunch dates with VanillaCon in E-town once or twice a year, I've not had authentic Vietnamese food for like 36 months. And to be honest, I haven't really missed it...until now.

For some strange and inexplicable reason (trust me, it's not "hormonal"), I've suddenly been hankering for some Viet spring rolls and a good brothy beef noodle soup. I even forced Hubbs to take me to our first Viet restaurant in Van the other night; it came highly rated on Urbanspoon and it was affordable. I had my beef brisket pho (with extra meat) and an order of spring rolls. It *so* hit the spot (despite the slightly too salty soup), though the extra meat meant that there was absolutely no way I could actually polish the whole thing off (much as I wanted to).

But tonight, I've found myself craving pho again, to the point where I've actually spent an hour reading foodie reviews and searched out my next place to try; I am in the process of figuring out what time tomorrow I might be able to go (you know, after my brunch dine-out with friends at Sandbar). My thoughts drift to crunchy savoury spring rolls dipped in a slightly tart fish sauce, and to aromatic broths filled with al dente rice noodles and thinly-sliced fatty cuts of beef. *sigh*

Seriously! And I just had a gelato too. It's not like my body's hungry. I guess I've just really missed my Vietnamese.


Linda said...

You should come back to E-town and visit my parents with me on Saturday mornings :) That's when Rich and I get our pho fix! :)

Man I haven't spring rolls in awhile...