Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Twist Again...

Apologies on the cheesy title. I'm here to plug a product (not mine). It's the Goody Spin Pins.

I remember a time when putting one's hair in a bun was a form of torture, and required an obscene number of pins plus a monstrous looking hair net that you'd never want to see snaked out of your drain (it's the stuff of nightmares, trust).

Well, no more! These pins are so easy to use. I basically just gathered my hair, twisted it into a bun shape, and gently rolled these two pins into place. Voila, bun!

It's easy and it actually works, even on my semi-thinning hair. At <$10, it's a great deal to fancify your 'do or free up your neck during the hot summer days.