Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jesus is the Reason

You know it, I know it, but how does that look in real life and not just as a pretty platitude on a page?

As I contend with buying gifts and "gingerbread" icing making and concerts and marking and packing and the staff social decorating committee and recovering from my cold and wrapping 24 presents for my students, I am challenged to stay focused on the reason for Christmas - Christ.

I keep having to remind myself, because my memory stinks:

He is my joy-giver. He is the reason why I have cause to celebrate. He is the One who inspires hope and generosity and songs of praise. *HE* is. He *IS.*

And though I am utterly unworthy, He has poured Himself out to be my All. I must not forget that there is nothing of greater importance than the reality that God has come. He has come! And for me, a sinner. Emmanuel, God with us. God with *me.* To redeem us. To restore us. To replace us as objects of God's rightful wrath. To reunite us with our Maker. This is Jesus. And this is why I celebrate.

I have to constantly stop and surrender the work, the worries, the thousand-and-two things that have yet to be checked off my to-do list, and look to the cross. This is the only place where I will find the rest that comes from the Prince of Peace.

And in this weary, busy season, I long for rest. Oh Jesus, please come. And please be my peace.