Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some People Should Be Sterilized

Excuse the rant; I am usually a somewhat positive person but what I witnessed today really boiled my blood. Hubbs & I were at the coffee shop inside the big library atrium, and I was ordering a special Christmas drink. Beside me, some lady pushing a stroller was ordering steamed milk for her child.

Sheesh, I thought to myself, why isn't she better prepared as a mom? But then I reminded myself that I shouldn't judge.

Well, as I waited for my coffee, I noticed this lady taking her stroller outside. That was when I spotted her *other* child, a toddler of no more than 3 years, sitting *by herself* at the food court tables outside of the coffee shop. She had a juice in front of her and was sitting there drinking it all by her lonesome.

As I waited for my drink and as Hubbs grabbed us a seat, I noticed the same woman take her wallet and dash out of the library, leaving behind her purse, stroller, and two preschool children. My jaw dropped, and I realized that I hadn't judged too quickly. What was she doing?!?

My teacher instincts kicked in, as did my female instincts and general wariness of strangers. Did she not know that it only takes a minute for children to be kidnapped? Didn't she realize that her children were vulnerable, both because of their age and their inability to use words to express themselves?! Was she not aware that the atrium is often a shelter for vagrants and people of varying walks of life, including the mentally ill?!? My brain went into overdrive in fear for those kids. I debated calling 9-1-1. I looked at the time. I watched those children from the other side of the window like a hawk, knowing that if anyone tried to come near them, I would be at the ready to defend these helpless little people.

Meanwhile, I continued to wait for my coffee. I tried to reason that maybe she went to the bathroom and would be right back. When my coffee was finally ready 10 minutes later, this woman still hadn't returned, and the two kids were still sitting by themselves, the older one rocking the stroller back and forth a little and talking to the younger child.

I decided to call Hubbs to come out to the tables, and I approached the little girl to ask if her mom went to the bathroom. She was too young to string together a complete sentence, but she said no, and answered, "Mom went get sushi!"

A million thoughts ran through my mind, and I decided at that moment that I would wait a bit longer and then I would definitely call Social Services on this idiot. Before long, however, she came running into the atrium, sushi in hand. I promptly confronted her, asking her if she was aware that she had endangered her children, and letting her know that I was thisclose to calling the authorities. She basically told me to butt out, cussing at me and telling me that I didn't know what she was going through. What I let her know in no uncertain terms was that it didn't matter what she was going through; her job was to keep her children safe and she did not do so.

After I realized that this conversation would get nowhere and this woman was not receptive to feedback, we turned on our heels and left. There was no point to arguing any further with a person so caught up with themselves that they completely failed to consider the consequences of their stupid decisions on those around them. Hopefully my loud reprimand of her in the atrium was sufficiently embarrassing for her to never do that again, but somehow I think that this probably wasn't the first time she left her kids like that, and won't be the last. Stupid is as stupid does, and in my books, she is a bonafide stupid person worthy of sterilization. Those little kids deserve a real parent, one who loves them and keeps them safe at all costs. They deserve much better than her.

Anyway, what a brutal reminder of the fallen nature of people. I really dislike people sometimes, and today, this moron ranks #1 on my hate list.


Hubbs said...

AGREED. Too bad it's not legal to drop people on the spot or else BOOOOOOOOOOOM SHA KA LA KA.