Monday, November 08, 2010

Live Clean! & My Meme

Recently I've become obsessed with avoiding sulfates in my bath and beauty products. I'm not sure when it started; I just know that I've become somewhat compulsive about my purchasing of shampoos, conditioners, hand soaps, hair products, and body wash. Apparently, sulfates are bad for you. So are parabens, and so are a bunch of other ingredients that make our bath products smell/look good/work well. I have become increasingly committed to avoiding as many toxic ingredients as I can. Of course, it seems that I cannot avoid all bad chemicals entirely, save for washing and bathing with water alone. My vanity prevents me from going quite that far.

Anyway, my quest to detox from sulfates and parabens has led me to discover a line of products that, although not entirely 100% pure and natural and wonderful, comes pretty close to great without compromising on smell and functionality (two must-haves in my world). Live Clean (found at your local Shoppers, or London Drugs, and even Superstore) has a line of vegan, natural, cruelty-free and biodegradable products that smells pretty good and works well.

I've tried the Wave Enhancing "Purple Jewel" shampoo and conditioner, Apple Cider shampoo and "Clean Air" volumizing conditioner, Fresh Water moisturizing hand wash, and Live Clean Baby shampoo/body wash. No complaints yet, and now I'm determined to find the hair sprays for this brand as well.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my new favourite thing with you.

Some other quick facts a la meme:

Average number of hours of sleep each night = 6

Average number of hours at work = 11

My current book = Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief

My hair = permed (well, a body wave) that was done last month

My hair stylist = quit on Friday when my hair cut was scheduled. Thanks a lot for nothing, lady.

My doctor = fired by me. He sucks. I just signed on with a new one.

TV Obsession = Dragon's Den (it's so much fun to watch these wannabe-entrepreneurs begging for VC and coming up with the strangest business ideas)

iPhone app most often used = Angry Birds Halloween

Favourite recent dine-out place = Chambar

Drug of choice = tie between Advil and PGX (my daily dose of soluble fiber)

Next month that I visit E-town = December

Next holiday = can't come soon enough but I have no idea whether it is going to be Reno/Lake Tahoe, or Disneyworld @ spring break