Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Memes

I had forgotten how much fun these are. Here are a few that I've jumbled together into one giant meme:

1.) What first tells you that summer is here?
Waking up to sunshine beaming into our room through our giant windows.

2.) Name five of your favorite distinctively summer habits or customs.
Going for gelato and drinks on patios.

Wearing flip flips and open-toed sandals.

Going for walks in the flower gardens with Hubbs.

Turning on my fans and A/C.

Weekend road trips and adventures (again, with Hubbs)

3.) What is your favorite smell of summer?
The smell of evening/night time on a warm summer day, especially just as the air is cooling off and lights are turning on.

4.) What is your favorite taste of summer?

Gelato on a hot summer day.


5.) Favorite summer memory?
Getting married. Going on honeymoon in Hawaii.

6.) Extreme heat or extreme cold? Which would you choose and why?
Neither, though extreme heat is slightly better if there was A/C somewhere so I could get some relief. Extreme cold is what we moved away from, and extreme heat is atypical for where we are, so in theory we have avoided both.

7.) What books do you plan to read for the season?
There are a few theology-themed books I’m hoping to tackle, as well as Money Road (by Garth Turner) and Water for Elephants (the book-to-movie that Robert Pattinson is filming at the moment).

Favorite summer flower: Lilies are my favourite at any time of year.
Flavor of ice cream or tofutti: Praline or else marzipan (almond)
Mode of transportation: Foot, train, or car
Music: Something upbeat; I’m not picky
Food: BBQ steak and wings and burgers, corn on the cob, gelato, frosty drinks
Favorite game to play: Bocce ball
Earliest childhood summer memory: Going for soft serve and drives with the family
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Snack: In case I haven’t made this obvious enough: gelato
Place to read: In bed, on the couch, in the shade outside
Most annoying: When the temperatures turn my lovely apt. into a scorching greenhouse and the heat is slow-cooking me
How I handle the heat: Currently we have 3 fans and a portable A/C unit. I also take a lot of cool showers. We also go outside where it is sometimes cooler than it is inside, or sometimes I will go shopping or for a drive in our air-conditioned car.
Pet Peeve: Bugs, insects, and arachnids – ew.
All-time favorite bathing suit: I am not a fan, though I was pretty happy with the bikini I bought on a cruise last year.
Best Time of Day: Evenings after the day has cooled off.
Most romantic: Maxi dresses, sunsets, and Hubbs.
Summer movie: Eclipse!
J Anything good is worth watching at any time of year, actually.


1. Where is your cell phone? Bedroom
2. Your significant other? Meetings
3. Your hair? Messy
4. Your mother? Working
5. Your father? Coffee
6. Your favorite thing? Hubbs!
7. Your dream last night? Forgotten
8. Your favorite drink? Water
9. Your dream/goal? Holiness
10. The room are you in? Cool!
11. Your hobby? Reading
12. Your fear? Critters
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Vancouver
14. Where were you last night? Yakitori
16. Muffins? Calories
17. Wish list item? Sectional
18. Where you grew up? Prairies
19. Last thing you did? Laundry
20. What are you wearing? Clothes
21. Your TV? Off
22. Your pets? Allergies
23. Friends? Busy
24. Your life? Awesome
25. Your mood? Relaxed
26. Missing someone? No
27. Car? Fixed
28. Something you’re not wearing? Coat
29. Your favorite store? Dollarama
30. Your summer? Busy
31. Like someone? Friends
32. Your favorite color? Blue
33. When is the last time you laughed? Hubbs
34. Last time you cried? TV
35. Place you go to over and over? Bathroom
36. Person who emails you regularly? Spam
37. Favorite place to eat? Varied
38. Why did you participate in this survey? Entertainment
39. What are you doing tonight? Haircut