Monday, July 26, 2010

Sponsored by Adidas (I Wish)

Recently I found (and purchased) the most comfortable platform slingback heels (or any heels, for that matter) that have ever graced my feet. They are Rockports, but not *just* Rockports - they are AdiPRENE by Adidas Rockports. What this means is that the comfy padding found in Adidas sneakers has somehow found its way onto a 3" shoe that has found its way onto my foot!

I *love* these shoes, and I am hoping to score some teaching shoes (read: flats) that have an AdiPRENE lining in them as well.

Comfy shoes give me such joy. *sigh*


karen said...

I totally share your joy in comfy shoes.

And thanks for letting me in on the anti-chafing stick. I bought one as soon as I got back to town!

I also got a tape-dispenser thing of sticky pads that you can put in your shoe wherever it hurts. You can cut any length. Brilliant!

But if the shoe is comfy to start with, that is the ultimate :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

You are welcome! Did you get the Dr. Scholl kind or the BandAid kind? I bought the sticky pads too! They work well for my chafing flip flops.

The only *bad* thing about new shoes is that I want to wear them all the time instead of alternating them with some of my torture device shoes. I should be an equal opportunist but it's hard to resist soft padding!

karen said...

I got the BandAid kind. I didn't see any Dr. Scholl one. But the sticky tape pads are Dr. Scholl.

I totally know what you mean - all my high heels are collecting dust after I started wearing flats.