Tuesday, July 27, 2010

High Heel Foot Envy

I really really am jealous of those people who can walk on pavement all day long in downtown Van wearing stiletto heels. Don't the balls of their feet hurt? How do they not fall over? How do they walk like a normal person?!? Me, I teeter and look as uncomfortable as possible when the heel of my shoe exceeds 1.5". It's like I've forgotten how to walk or something; I begin tiptoeing around rather than relying on that poor skinny heel to support the bulk of my weight as I transition from step to step. The result? The balls of my feet ache and blister in a matter of minutes (sometimes less).

This is why I need comfortable heels (and shoes in general). To navigate the cement pavement all around the downtown core, my feet need tons of TLC. I need arch support, padding for the balls of my feet, and straps and heels that don't scrape against my skin. I need wide width to accommodate my non-narrow feet, and grippy soles that can support my heft. This is why I usually stick with flats and brand-name sandals (e.g. Merrell, Rockport).

Which is why it is a curious thing that I have held on to my wedding reception shoes; these are monstrously high, gold and rhinestone stilettos that I've only worn once, but that killed my feet thoroughly in the hour and a half that I had them on. Nobody has a picture of my shoes anymore, but they sort of look like a more sparkly and gold version of these shoes:

Maybe it's because they are Nine West, and I can't give away Nine West shoes after having only worn them once (though sentimentality be d*mned, I did give away my filthy white sandals that I also only wore once on the day of the wedding. Those, however, were not brand name).

And in another twist of curious masochism, I invested $40 of Hubbs' hard-earned money on this torture device:
They are Dollhouse shoes (apparently a brand name in NY but I've never heard of them), and they look crazy sexy when worn because they elongate the leg and force your calves to go muscly. However, they are not comfortable after an hour. The first hour is definitely bearable (and I did wear them around the store for a good 10 minutes before purchasing), but after that, the pain begins.

So why do I keep dropping dollars on these crazy shoes when I am obviously not able to wear them? I think it must be the eternal optimist in me that thinks, "This time, it will be different." Or maybe my vanity always wins over my better judgment.

Regardless, I'm glad for my new Rockport/Adidas heels, and I won't be getting rid of either pair of these things either, though I may not wear them again unless I have someone who will carry me from place to place while I have them on (hint hint, Hubbs!).

PS - If you have any tips to offer on how to wear painful 3" shoes without dying of blister pain or falling, I'm game for some advice. ;)


Natalie said...

The trick is you generally can't get a comfortable pair of heels for $40 (although I do have a pair from payless that are insanely comfortable). Not all expensive heels will be comfortable but some will be. Taryn Rose, Fluevog, I I've had good luck with Marc Jacobs as well. Also, get some gel inserts for heels, that will help.

Linda said...

You buy them because they are beautiful!! :)

I've heard of dollhouse, they make some wild shoes :)

As for advice, practice so that you have the perfect callouses on your feet? haha

Anonymous said...

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