Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby 101

Not mine, of course!! Don't get the wrong idea here.

But my sister, Vanilla Con, and her Big Ben hubby are going to get a new little baby friend in a few months. They have been visiting for the past week, along with some other dear friends of ours, and a big chunk of my sisterly-bonding time has been spent looking for things for sis's ever-growing belly and for the still-yet-gender-unknown babe in her womb.

It has definitely been an education. Who knew the number of brands and features out there for everything from strollers and car seats to breast pumps and baby monitors?! I sure didn't. I had no idea what constituted a "good" brand and what features would be handy to have. It makes me think that one day, should we be blessed with progeny, that I will have a *ton* of research to do!!

I also learned that having a kid is an expensive venture, much more so than I had previously imagined. Sure, you've got to start RESP's for college funds and awkward teenage brand-buying, but even *newborns* need a billion things that aren't cheap to purchase, like Bumbo's and play pens and rocking chairs (okay, that's for Mom, but still) and Baby Bjorns and car seats and bathing apparatus. I'm wondering if it's even possible to raise a healthy, well-adjusted kid on the cheap anymore?!

I very much enjoyed browsing the baby aisles and Babies R Us for goodies for my future niece/nephew. Vanilla Con has already promised to loan me half of her stuff one day when it's my turn. We'll see ;)

But until then, I look forward to ever more baby-buying adventures with Vanilla Con, and am enjoying the fact that with each trip, I learn more about my own ignorance towards the baby product industries and the needs/luxuries of baby-raising. It truly is an education indeed.


~Rain``` said...

Tell me about it! I have learned tons being a mom, especially since I knew practically zippo before! Even though it can get expensive getting ready for the new arrival, friends and family are more than willing to help out with gifts and hand-me-downs. Looking back, we didn't buy much since the grandparents were so eager to make the big purchases such as the crib and travel system. And now baby #2 is using much of his sister's stuff, including some gender neutral clothes.

In the end, much of the brands really don't matter. What babies need is tons of love! Our son receives more joy smiling at our faces than any toy he has right now!

Congrats to your sister and husband!