Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Had a Dream...

Really, I did. The other night I had a very vivid dream where I had a big argument with Hubbs that culminated in my giving him an ultimatum: get me an iPhone, or else. I don't remember if he actually followed through in my dream, but today, he did so in real life and bought me an iPhone 3GS.
I am welcoming myself into the smartphone club. It has been a long time coming, really; I have been coveting an email-enabled phone for at least a year, but I kept putting off my final decision in the hopes that a)the iPhone's cost would drop, and b)the iPhone would come out with a QWERTY keyboard. Of course, the latter did not happen, and one wonders if the former did either; I really don't know if I saved any money by signing up for another 3 years with the big R. However, the price was lower than previously quoted due to the imminent release of the iPhone 4 so I don't feel so gouged by the mobile monopoly to which I am enslaved.

Anyway, it has been a very educationally-enlightening day for me as I've attempted to acquaint myself with my new toy. First of all, this whole touch-screen business is pretty new to me. Up until this point, my only experience with touch screens have been with the Nintendo DS and with the Sudoku game on Hubbs' iPhone, so I've been slowly getting adjusted to the whole idea of scrolling and dialing in this very new way.

Secondly, I've been app-happy all day, learning about and searching for both free and cheap apps to load onto my phone. So far, I've only spent $4.00 but have downloaded 17 apps already, with more to come as recommendations begin trickling in. This doesn't even include games (except Sudoku), so I have a feeling my apps list will continue to grow in days to come. It has been fascinating to discover the sorts of apps that are available, and challenging to find the "best" ones to purchase and install.

Finally, Hubbs has been teaching me how to do the technical things with my phone, like syncing and installing ringtones, etc. Now that I've fully converted to Apple products, I have to learn how to make all of my toys work together for maximum potential. I think I've got the hang of it when it comes to the basics, but I am pretty sure that there's a ton more to learn about this powerful piece of technology.

My next task will be to hit up the night market and purchase a cheap yet durable, chic little iPhone case. I'm still debating between getting a silicone sleeve or a less durable, yet more attractive looking case to house my little white device.

Anyway, my point is that I'm very very excited about this new phone, and though I hated my dream, I'm so glad that it gave me the push that I needed to finally commit myself to an iPhone. It has only been a day (not even), but so far, I have no regrets about my decision, and I don't expect that to change any time soon.