Saturday, April 17, 2010

Make-Up and Ecclesiastic Eclecticism

In my bid to find the perfect mineral make-up for my face with the least toxicity, I've been trying nearly every brand mentioned to me. I began with Pur Minerals after having been introduced to Bare Escentuals (which I did not try). Next, I followed my beautician's advice and picked up some pricey Smashbox stuff. When that started to run out, I ordered some Mineral Hygienics. Based on new information about nano-particles, I then rushed an order of Everyday Minerals. Finally, when the great debate about titanium and zinc oxide reared its ugly head, I consulted with the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and sent for some Rejuva Minerals, my latest purchase.

However, none of these brands has completely satisfied me. Each one has had one or two great products that have really stood out, but for me to conclude overwhelmingly that any one brand has got mineral make-up all figured out would be inaccurate. My quest for the right combination has led me to conclude that perhaps I need to take the best products each brand has to offer, and create my own customized make-up routine rather than commit to just one brand's product line.

Through this process, I am reminded of an article I once read about being an ecclesiastical eclectic. Its premise (which I agree with) is that every denomination that holds to the authority of the Bible and proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord offers some universal Truth about God. Does any one particular denomination get it all right and capture all of the essence of our great God? Probably not; each one is fallible because of the limitations of sinful human nature. However, does not each have something to offer us about who God is? Likely. We can see the passion of God in the more charismatic churches, the splendor and holiness of God in the rituals and traditions of Catholicism, and the mercy of God in the more evangelical traditions. Each denomination of the universal Church reveals something about Him, for each has been established by Him and through Him for His glory.

Just as I would not want to commit to just one brand for my mineral make-up, so too would I not want to commit myself to only one denomination and in so doing, miss out on the insights that another denomination would have to offer about my Father in heaven. I have been so privileged to be able to worship alongside my brothers and sisters in the Alliance, Pentecostal, Catholic, Interdenominational, Christian Reform, Baptist, and Mennonite Brethren traditions. As God calls me to worship in different ways and in different places, I keep getting a fuller and more beautiful picture of the One I serve. How wonderful it is to be an eclectic!

PS - My final "best" list of mineral make-up goes something like this:
- Everyday Minerals Intense Fair Medium foundation / Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder*
- Everyday Minerals Sunlight Finishing Dust
- Mineral Hygienics Cool Kiss Mineral bronzer
- Pur Minerals Universal Marble Mineral Powder (pink)
- Mineral Hygienics Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish (translucent)
- Pur Minerals Intensity Eyeliner gel

*By no means is this stuff non-toxic, BTW. It has great coverage though!

** Honourable mention to Rejuva Minerals' Cool Touch Mineral foundation; it doesn't offer super great coverage but it rates the lowest on the toxicity scale and it's still pretty good! :)


~Rain``` said...

What a great illustration of how we should view the denominations. I get really annoyed with people who feel that only their view of Christianity is correct. Of course, I am not discounting that people can be wrong in their views about God. I just think it is presumptuous to believe one is absolutely correct in everything.