Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Rant Meme

I'm not sunshine and roses this morning so skip the post if you don't want to hear me b*tch. Just sayin'.

1) Don't give me attitude if I miss a massage appointment because you failed to call me *after* I had already requested a courtesy call a day in advance of my appointment. I book these things a month in advance; my memory isn't that long. If I have already asked for the call and you don't bother, don't get in a snit when I no-show. I already told you I'd forget. Ball's in your court, sister.

2) Crusted on egg is a pain in the arse to clean. This is why eggs should only be consumed as hard-boiled; any other cooking method requires too much clean-up, and caked on egg ruins wooden spatulas. Did I mention that Hubbs and I have separate wooden spoons? He's no longer allowed to touch mine, period.

3) If an internet provider has a system failure, there should be an automatic credit issued to all account holders who were affected by said failure. We lost connectivity for 15 minutes yesterday. If Hubbs was working, that would be 15 minutes of meeting time he would have to make up for later. Given his per-hour salary, is the internet provider willing to fork over the $$ in over-time work Hubbs would have to make up? Or what about lost income?

4) There should be an automatic escalation process for customer service phone reps. The moment they realize they cannot solve the problem, or the customer asks for a supervisor, they should move the call along to their superiors. It's a waste of my time, and their time, for me to have to explain and re-explain my problem and wait and wait some more while they figure out if they are able to assist me (which I am almost always certain that they cannot).

Hmmph. On an overcast Tuesday, it is good to rant a little bit. I almost feel better now.