Saturday, March 27, 2010

Theatre Anorexia, or Heart Attack in a Paper Bag

Did you know how many calories and grams of fat are in a Cineplex Odeon/Famous Players medium popcorn? If not, live in blissful ignorance. As for me and my Hubbs, we can no longer consume those delicious kernels of extra-layered-buttery goodness in good conscience, because we made the mistake of Googling the nutritional information contained in a bag of that stuff.

Let me put it this way: a large popcorn (without the "extra" butter layered on) is equivalent to half of an adult's daily caloric intake, and way more fat grams than any human being should consume in any given day.

And who eats popcorn without the butter? That's like eating hot dogs without ketchup, or french fries without salt. Ick.

So, alas, we must give up our popcorn love or risk having a coronary in the middle of "Hot Tub Time Machine." Maybe sharing a small popcorn is an alternative, but somehow I doubt that this will be much better once they layer on the butter (and you know it's only good with the layers).

Another delicious food completely eliminated from my diet. *sigh*


Kyle Baley said...

I've switched to Skittles. Not quite as unhealthy and as a bonus, they hurt more when throwing them at unruly movie-goers.

Sylvana said...

I just don't eat meals the day that I'm to go see a movie. I must have my butter slathered popcorn!