Monday, March 22, 2010

Basic Beauty

Much as I am fond of my Smashbox Halo mineral powder and its uncanny ability to hide all of my facial flaws, I've recently had to trade it in for something a little less....toxic. My dear friend Amy F. made a good point about being more vigilant when it comes to the stuff that one puts on their skin. I mean, maybe these products absorb into my bloodstream (I have no memory of biology). Maybe they'll inhibit my ability to have babies one day. Who really knows?

Anyway, in an effort to be more health conscious, I decided to try mineral make-up that is a little more simple. As in, 4 ingredients simple. Another dear friend, Mrs. S, suggested that I try Everyday Minerals. Though I was initially skeptical about putting down money on something I haven't ever seen or touched before, I decided to give it a go when I looked up the website and discovered that you could actually order a crapload of samples for a very minimal fee. Given how much I paid for the one compact of Smashbox, I figured that this was a steal.

When the little samples arrived, I wasn't sure what to make of them. They were teeny tiny and there were, like, 15 of them (okay, so I over-ordered a little). Most looked to be similar in colour and it took a while for me to figure out which ones I liked, and which brushes to use, and how to actually get these powders from jar to face.

After this initial bout of problem-solving, I developed my own little system and began trying out the products. Several weeks later, I can definitely say that I am sold. Everyday Minerals are inexpensive, less toxic than other mineral make-up, and easy to use. I am currently using their Light Semi-Matte or Fairly Medium Intensive bases, and have yet to make up my mind on my favourite blushes and finishing powders (though I really like the Kaolin Sunlight finishing dust).

So now, my beauty routine has been changed. Truth be told, it hasn't simplified one bit given that I now use an extra finishing powder (read: one more step) as part of my morning routine. However, I feel much better about leaving my face on when I go to bed (a big no-no but I still do it because I get lazy) and I don't worry nearly as much about poisoning my bloodstream or skin with chemicals that have names I can barely pronounce.

Oh, and I haven't blogged in a while, as you may have noticed. Oh how I have missed it!