Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Little Piggy

Oink. Oink oink.

Actually, that's not how my flu started, though anytime anyone mentions Swine Flu that's what I think of.

Mine began one morning when I got out of bed, sweating and wondering who cranked the heat in the bedroom. Evidently, no one.

Then, my tummy felt nauseous and crampy. I thought it was all that ab work I did at boot camp two days earlier. Apparently not.

Several hours later, I started feeling very very tired. Not just the I-work-6-days-a-week-and-I'm-new-to-Grade-1 fatigue, but something worse. I loaded up on sugar (Reese's Pieces) and managed to drive home. By this point, the chills were setting in, and I had to wear 2 jackets to try to keep warm.

This is where Hubbs took over, and he took me to Emergency at the General Hospital. Given that there's a pandemic going around, I figured the wait would be long there; previous experience at the Emerg in E-town also taught me to budget a good 6 hours. I didn't expect that the longest wait would be for shift change in the department; we waited nearly 30 minutes just to be helped to check-in. Of course, then I told them about my symptoms, and things sped up exponentially.

I was ushered in, my temperature and blood pressure were checked (I had a low-grade fever), and I was given 3 mega-dose Tylenol. Then, I was asked to go into the Pandemic Room, where I joined two others who were also donning masks and exhibiting flu symptoms. I waited there a while longer (30 minutes?), during which time a doc listened to me breathe and declared I had a case of the piggy flu (though he did say that every flu he saw was *that* flu), and prescribed Tamiflu.

In a relatively brief 1.5 hours, I was in and out of the hospital, and on my way home.

Now this little piggy is staying at home, and resting, and turning into a bigger piggy ;)

The end.


~Rain``` said...

I'm glad you are on the mend. Wow. I have heard that this comes on pretty fast. By God's grace, I haven't contracted H1N1 yet. Got the immunization about 10 days ago, since I am pregnant. My immunity should be up by now. But I guess my husband could get it...

Sy said...

Get well soon! None of us have gotten it, yet. I think one coworker got it about a month ago. The rest of us were able to go get our immu shots (as we are in the healthcare field). Glad that you were able to get on it right away. It makes a huge difference.