Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Little Piggy

Oink. Oink oink.

Actually, that's not how my flu started, though anytime anyone mentions Swine Flu that's what I think of.

Mine began one morning when I got out of bed, sweating and wondering who cranked the heat in the bedroom. Evidently, no one.

Then, my tummy felt nauseous and crampy. I thought it was all that ab work I did at boot camp two days earlier. Apparently not.

Several hours later, I started feeling very very tired. Not just the I-work-6-days-a-week-and-I'm-new-to-Grade-1 fatigue, but something worse. I loaded up on sugar (Reese's Pieces) and managed to drive home. By this point, the chills were setting in, and I had to wear 2 jackets to try to keep warm.

This is where Hubbs took over, and he took me to Emergency at the General Hospital. Given that there's a pandemic going around, I figured the wait would be long there; previous experience at the Emerg in E-town also taught me to budget a good 6 hours. I didn't expect that the longest wait would be for shift change in the department; we waited nearly 30 minutes just to be helped to check-in. Of course, then I told them about my symptoms, and things sped up exponentially.

I was ushered in, my temperature and blood pressure were checked (I had a low-grade fever), and I was given 3 mega-dose Tylenol. Then, I was asked to go into the Pandemic Room, where I joined two others who were also donning masks and exhibiting flu symptoms. I waited there a while longer (30 minutes?), during which time a doc listened to me breathe and declared I had a case of the piggy flu (though he did say that every flu he saw was *that* flu), and prescribed Tamiflu.

In a relatively brief 1.5 hours, I was in and out of the hospital, and on my way home.

Now this little piggy is staying at home, and resting, and turning into a bigger piggy ;)

The end.