Friday, August 07, 2009

Not a Natural Beauty

Arguably, not a beauty at all, but I'm told I'm cute. If only this were true in my natural state, but alas, not so much; my bare naked face is about as attractive as my bare naked body ;). My "public face," the one that you might see, takes about 25 minutes to apply, and costs me more than I care to admit, every couple of months when supplies run low.

So what is the price of beauty (besides having to wake up an extra half hour every morning to attain it)?

Well, let's outline all of the steps and products that I use (as of today):

1) Lancome Primordiale moisturizer with SPF15 - applied to whole face
2) Neostrata HQ Lightening gel - applied only to cheeks
3) Vichy Aqua Thermale eye gel - applied to eyes
4) Smashbox Light Primer - applied to t-zone
5) Smashbox Halo Moisturizing mineral powder - applied to whole face (kabuki brush)

(Getting tired yet? That's just the base, my friends).

6) PurMinerals Bronzer - contouring face (Purminerals brush)
7) PurMinerals Blush - highlighting cheeks
8) PurMinerals Brow Perfection - wax, then powder applied to my eyebrows (Quo & MAC angled brow brushes)
9) PurMinerals Intensity gel/cream liner - applied to eyelids (Quo liner brush)
10) Lancome Oscillating Cils Booster - applied to lashes
11) Lancome High Definicils Mascara - lashes again
- then comb out with Sephora lash comb
12) MAC Lipliner - outline lips
13) Lancome lipstick - apply to lips

Pretty intense, eh? This doesn't even include the make-up I'd have to use for evenings, like eye shadow, or extra lotion support for saggy eye/big pore days! Once you factor in the face-washing and make-up removing products, my collection probably looks pretty daunting and absurd. Can't wait to see what my mom says when she sees everything tonight (she being the complete opposite of me)! ;)

Why do we ladies (some of us, anyway) feel the pressure to look like supermodels in the first palce? Why don't most men feel the urgent need to reduce their pore sizes, reduce fine lines, and even out their skin tones? Even as I type this, I readily acknowledge the ridiculousness of following these many steps in a routine every single morning, and the fact that I probably don't need to wear so much *stuff* does not escape my rational mind. That said, there is something emotionally satisfying about being dolled up; I'd be lying if I said that these steps didn't make me feel more attractive, even if the end result isn't all that different to others whether I'm bare-faced or not.

In the end, isn't that what counts? How *I* feel about how I look? Certainly, there are limits and I'm not about to inject poisons into my face or invite scalpels into my body to manipulate it to look a certain way just so that I can feel good about myself, but stockpiling make-up like it's Armaggedon is still within the realm of reasonable, right? (Work with me here. ;) ). Half an hour a day isn't too horrible, is it? I feel a lot better having gotten this off of my chest, at any rate. I feel even better since I already "put my face on," too! Now I'm ready to go out in public, feeling good and looking pretty, even if it's not the natural variety! ;)


Justice~! said...


~Rain``` said...

Well, you are beautiful! Your fantastic routine makes my five minute routine seem extremely simple: Body Shop Tea Tree Oil moisturizer, Revlon foundation, Maybelline blush, BeautiControl eyeliner, BeautiControl mascara, Body Shop lip butter and Maybelline lipstick. Pretty generic brands, except for BeautiControl, which I procured at a colleague’s BeautiControl Spa Party.

Sharon said...

Mohoho that's how I describe putting makeup on also - putting on my face! haha... though my routine is not quite so intense as yours!

Woman, you are beautifuL!!!!!!! I'm all about the "enhancing what you've got" type of makeup; if you've got it, it will be seen!

Besides, when I'm glad to see you, the reason isn't for your hotness, but because you shine :)

See you in a couple of weeks!!! AH!

Sy said...

I was so ready for a mile long post on your routine. That didn't seem like much at all. You look gorgeous BTW.

I wish I knew enough about makeup to know what to use to accomplish certain looks -- or hide certain problems. And most makeup I can't wear because my skin is so sensitive. But I have found that the mineral powders work great. I will be checking out your list here to see if there is anything I might want to try out.

Sharon said...

It's high time you blog again... even a short one will do... entertain me helen!

Mrs. EG said...

Oh Sharon - I entertain you at work EVERY DAY! :P

But just for your benefit, I shall write something short and not particularly sweet! ;)

Sy - did you check this stuff out? Let me know what you think!

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