Monday, July 13, 2009

Who's a Sucker? *raise my hand*

Not a big sucker, but a sucker nonetheless. Hubbs & I had stopped at a mall after getting back from Whistler, and we sort of went our separate ways for a while (he to EB Games and I to some store that sold nice purses). When I went to go look for him, I noticed that he had been stopped by some kiosk saleslady.

I approached, figuring I might need to bail him (or the both of us) out of a lame sales pitch. Sure enough, she asked if she could show us something AMAZING. Sure, I'll bite. She asked for my ugliest nail (which happens to be my left-hand pointer finger; the nail has become like two hills because I injured it during biting). I think it grossed her out, so she picked my ring finger nail on my left hand instead.

She started buffing it down with the blue side of a rectangular prism-shape buffer. As expected, it got all white and dusty looking. She did the same thing, but now with the gray side of the buffer. Still all white and fuzzy on the nail. Finally, she took the white side of her buffer and began buffing my nail. It squeaked in a very shrill way as it was brought back and forth over my finger. Then, before she removed the buffer to show me the final product, she asked if I believed in miracles. I tried very hard not to roll my eyes, and replied in the affirmative.

She removed the buffer and my nail was shiny and clear, like she had just applied a glossy top coat on the nail. It was pretty amazing, for real. In fact, I was sufficiently impressed that I was willing to try it again, this time doing it for myself on the nail beside it. Once again, after the blue-gray-white buffing, my middle finger's nail came out looking shiny and the feel of it was incredibly smooth.

So now, this is where the sucker part came in. I probably could have haggled the price of the "kit" but at the time I didn't, so I paid their "sale price" of $30 for it. I should have haggled, though, since I googled about it after I got home and discovered many who were able to get it for $25, PLUS get extra buffer replacements included in the purchase!

I am such a sucker.

On the upside, my nails look glossy and shiny, and without the nastiness of nail polish!

PS - the kit is called the "Seacret Minerals of the Dead Sea Nail Care Kit." Haggle if you're going to buy it - it comes with a buffer, a nail file, cuticle oil, and body lotion.