Friday, July 17, 2009

Haters to the Left

There are some people who just cannot stomach the happiness and success of others. These folks are truly haters, and harbingers of negativity. Maybe it's perceived as a threat to their own success, or perhaps it makes them uncomfortable to see the "leveling" of the playing field, or maybe it's some underlying competitiveness that does not wish to see oneself surpassed by another, but whatever it is, it prevents these people from being able to celebrate and enjoy the prosperity and joy of another human being. Just as the one is finally succeeding or doing well, the other has to level an insult or do something disrespectful to undermine that success.

My sis and I were talking about this the other night, as it pertains to weight loss. When I was a slimming down into a skinny-mini, so many of the people around me told me that I didn't need to lose any more weight, and that I should just relax and indulge a little. Some of these folks were well-meaning, and simply trying to ensure that I didn't deprive myself, but others - not so much. You see, I'm quite convinced that some who were bigger than I was at the time wanted me to stop skinnifying, because my weight loss somehow meant that I would be surpassing them in status or something. Others, those who were thin to begin with, also told me to stop losing weight long before I ever hit my goal weight, and I suspect their deepest darkest motivation was to keep me from being thin like them; perhaps it offered some sort of comfort for them to have me as their jolly fat sidekick, and they didn't want me to muck with the status quo.

Regardless of their motivations, they were secretly haters, and people who did not wish to see me succeed in my endeavours.

So too in the business world, there are people like this, people who go out of their way to try and sabotage or demean the success of another, particularly those whom they perceive as a threat to themselves. There are likely countless tales out there of jealous colleagues and gossipy co-workers who try to make life miserable for the guy or gal on top.

Hubbs just resurrected his blog. Many of his friends, his "fans," and his colleagues are simply happy to see him back in action on the web. They are excited for him and eagerly anticipate the contributions he will be making to his industry and to his readership. Already we are sensing the haters, attempting to claim credit for Hubbs' return, and lurking and waiting to disrespect Hubbs or his blog or his appearance or whatever it is that might "bring him down a notch." Do you wonder who these haters might be? Look for the Twitter comments and the blog posts in days and weeks to come; the ones trying to pee on his parade are the ones who don't know how to play the game of life with sportsmanship and grace.

Even in the moral realm, it really isn't much better, is it? There is a mean-spirited subset of the population who simply cannot be happy for those who are happy and who live a good, wholesome, moral life. These folks look for flaws to point out, and hypocrises to accuse, so as to attempt a perceived balancing of the scales. Personally, I believe this happens because people don't like to feel convicted that their own lives are miserable, or that they fail to live consistently and with integrity, and when contrasted with someone who does live consistently and in a godly manner, the difference is far more noticeable. It is therefore uncomfortable for the haters to be in the presence of those who endeavour to live in an upright and godly way, and rather than allow the contrast to result in their conviction and repentance, the hateful people try to bring others down to their own level of moral ambiguity.

Watch for it, my friends. Many of us are in a season of harvest, of prosperity or abundance or blessing or joy. Look out for the robbers and haters, those who seek to offer criticisms or back-handed insults or to deride the success you enjoy, be it financially, physically, spiritually, or socially.

And when you sense the haters, pray for them. Let God be judge, and let Him reveal Truth in His time. In the meantime, however, the haters who target you obviously do not have much to live for in their own lives, and if nothing you ought to feel sorry for their plight and their pathetic condition. Do not let their baiting rouse you to anger, and do not allow it to cause you to sin. In fact, do not even play the game; walk away. You have much to be joyful and thankful for, and to focus on anything less than the positive is a waste of your energy.

That's what I tell myself, anyway. ;)


~Rain``` said...

A convicting message. There are times I can become a "hater", especially when I envy the blessings of others and turn to God with my fist in the air, screaming, "Why not me?" I need God's continuous contentment instead of the fluctuating contentment I experience. I need His thankful spirit so I may genuinely rejoice in the triumphs of others while being grateful for whatever I possess.