Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 4th in July!

Not a typo. It was our 4th anniversary on the 9th of July. To celebrate, we took a little weekend getaway to Whistler, which is about 1.5 hours away (driving) from Van. The journey there took us along the beautiful "Sea to Sky" highway, which is exactly as it sounds - there were the sea/lakes/ocean/other bodies of water on one side, and blue skies above us, and giant rockfaces on the other side of the road.

I will spare you all the lengthy and indulgent details, but here are a few highlights from our trip:

- double-person jacuzzi tub in our hotel room (a must-have for any romantic getaway, IMHO)
- riding the Whistler Village gondola to the peak of the mountain (>6000 feet in elevation)
- riding the Peak 2 Peak glass-bottom gondola from the top of Whistler to the top of Blackcomb
- taking the chair lifts (yeah, like snowboards/skiiers would do in the winter but it's way easier when there's no board strapped to the bottom of your foot) down all >6000 ft. ! It was the most relaxing ride and not scary, even for people with some height issues.
- the brick and cobble streets of Whistler Village
- the "raspberry collins" cocktail (get it virgin - it's even better) at La Bocca
- the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop that sold a bunch of cool import candy from the U.S. and U.K.
- Quattro restaurant; consistently delicious fare and great service at both their Van and Whistler locations

We were only there for the weekend and neither Hubbs nor I did anything super-active (no major hikes on long trails, or biking treks down the mountains) but it was so refreshing and renewing to be surrounded by God's amazing handiwork and to enjoy the sights and smells of the great outdoors. Being on the mountain helped remind us about how small we are relative to such a big and mighty God, and as we rode up and down the gondola and chair lifts, that was one of the things that impressed me most - how loving and gracious and compassionate is such a powerful Creator to one as insignificant and small as I. How magnificent are His mountains and the deep, forested valleys that He spoke into place. How wonderous that in the giant universe of His world, He brought Hubbs and I together, even though we were an ocean apart when we first met. Truly, our meeting that led to July 9th 4 years ago was a supernatural event, and we thank our Father for each other every day. :)

We were definitely blessed by the time we spent together on this getaway, and we look forward to the next time when we'll be back to enjoy the beauty of Whistler, BC. So yes, for us, it was a happy 4th in July :)


~Rain``` said...

Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. May the Lord continue to bless your marriage with more love, joy and peace. I thank God for how He guided you to each other, even though you were originally an ocean apart. Pretty amazing, isn't it! Glad you had some time to get away and celebrate!