Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Muse Here, A Little Muse There

Hubbs is away. To mark this very sad occasion (it's sad at my place every 3 weeks when he flies out for work), I did nothing. Literally, nothing. I might end up doing some cleaning so that I'm not a completely useless lump of space-waste, but so far my only accomplishments have been 1 load of laundry, and this blog post. ;)

During my day of nothingness, a few random and unrelated thoughts and observations came to mind. In keeping with my oh-so-generous spirit, I thought I'd share. :)

Stinky Garbage Tip
When you have a smelly bag of half-full garbage, a way to reduce/eliminate odors is to put some coffee grinds in the garbage. For some reason, it just kills the other bad stench and replaces it with coffee smell (which I prefer infinitely over the smell of rank old garbage). Of course, this is a temporary measure; I would not advise using this as a long-term alternative to taking out the garbage, especially if there are decomposing items in your bin.

Flight Fussy
Hubbs & I have become exclusivists when it comes to domestic air travel. We refuse to fly with Air Canada anymore, so we now only go where Westjet goes, or else where Westjet will connect to go. It used to be that we'd book Westjet more often than AC because one was always more affordable than the other, but ever since we moved to Van and have had to do the commute back to E-town almost bi-weekly, we have noted that the quality of air service and overall travel experience between the two are glaringly different. Whereas Westjet is relaxed and the whole process with ticketing and check-in and flying and baggage is just easy and hassle-free and problem-free, with AC you're constantly dealing with the ordeal of late flights and lost bags and long line-ups and cranky passengers and other headaches. We've since concluded that a flight that isn't with Westjet isn't really worth taking.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
We'ver just taken up this sport, so we're still newbies. We've only been on blades three times (once for lessons and twice on our own to practice) but we are in love with the feeling of gliding over smooth pavement! Don't get me wrong; we're not proficient yet, but we've really had a lot of fun figuring out how to glide and stop and keep our balance on even ground. Neither of us has tackled hills so far, and I anticipate much falling when I learn how to go down a slope, but in the meantime we're happy simply with getting used to the feel of moving on wheeled shoes and finding our balance. I'll post more about this later, but suffice to say it's something we plan to continue pursuing in the short-term at the very least. :)

The Myth of Rain
Before we moved, people kept telling us that it rained all the time in Van. We heard it from nearly everyone (yes, even you), so we expected that it would be a miserable dreary (but lush green) world we were entering into. I'd like to officially state that nearly everyone was wrong.

We've been in Van for 8 months now, and the only rain we've seen has pretty much come when the rest of the Western provinces were seeing piles of white stuff on the ground. Even then, the white stuff stuck around much longer in AB than the rain has in BC; we've been enjoying summer temperatures for the past two months! I keep waiting for some rain, since I love the smell of the air after a good downpour, but most mornings I wake up disappointed. Nothing yet. Tomorrow's forecast is finally calling for some moisture. It has been weeks since we've had significant precipitation so I'm optimistic that this is it! :) But in the meantime, I'd like to just say a sincere and well-intentioned :P to you all!

Alas, I miss my Hubbs. I've grown so accustomed to having him at home while he works that it feels quite lonely when I'm in this place all by myself. It's not a big apartment, but with him away it feels like it's too big for just me. Gone are the days of my youth when I relished having time to myself, and a private place from the world in which to retreat. Now, I would rather share all of my moments with Hubbs, and no longer find the solitude comforting. Funny how that happens after one meets their soul-mate, their "better half," their lobster (you'll get this reference if you watched "Friends"). I guess it just means that Hubbs & I were meant to be together! :)

Okay, so now I have to go clean a toilet, lest I further waste away the day with non-productivity. I told you it was random! ;)


tejanamama said...

argh!! I don't make coffee very often in my house. :( ALAS how i miss that smell!!!

I would give anything for some alone time. To veg, sleep, READ (something aside from bad philosophy papers), take a long shower or bath, watch a whole show from start to finish in one sitting. AND YES...enjoy time w/o hubs. HONESTLY, your relationship is probably better for the time you spend apart and get to miss each other.

THAT BEING SAID dh is going on a trip at the end of next month and I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT since I have two kids! :( I Need help!!! He went on one for work when the baby was only 6 weeks and I was mortified, but it endedup being kinda good. I felt good being able to deal on my own, even with the kids. I didn't sleep and barely ate, but it was still okay. :) ENJOY your time girl. Do something girly that he wouldnt enjoy. and work out at your new gym! :) :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

LOL..we rarely make coffee, either! That's why I have so many grinds to use up! ;)

I know, we're stronger for the distance, blah blah..but it gets lonely in that queen-sized bed at night when I'm all by myself. Nights suck. Daytimes are much easier.

Where's your DH going?!? How long? I say it's time to call in your reinforcements (your mama) so you can get a break at some point while he's away. That said, I'm proud of you for being able to manage the girls alone; it takes an organized and strong woman to do it! ;)

As for enjoying the time, I have been working out. All my girly appts. are scheduled for next week (they didn't have time this week for me). But's getting least I don't cry my eyes out anymore!! :) Yeah, I'm weak. So weak.

tejanamama said...

probably worse cuz you arent in a town with family/friends. Have you made many friends there? When you rely heavily on each other (like I did with DH up north) it can be much harder. I used to be that way in bed too but now i am okay :) LOL I do feel safer and don't jump at EVERY sound when he is around, but it helps when the place is smaller. The bigger the place the more freaked out you get! I HATED being alone in our house in jersey! TOOO BIG! I have guy neighbors now who are up at all hours so that helps too!

DH is going to maryland for four days! he was in virginia for a week last time. STUPID JOB! at least he has one, huh? hehe. GIRL the mama aint reliable. I wont even go there. that is for an email in another time!!! blah!