Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up For the Win!

Hubbs took me to a movie yesterday - a matinee. I'm so glad for matinees, because when I'm done the movie I still have part of the day left for other stuff, like running errands all over the Greater Van area. ;)

Anyway, we sent to see UP in 3D, the new Disney-Pixar flick. It was the best animated movie I have ever seen, even better than Wall-E (which says a lot since Wall-E is like one of my all-time favourites).

The movie, in case you haven't heard, is basically about an old guy who uses balloons to float his house to South America. After take-off, he discovers a boy-scout-esque kid on his porch, and is forced to take the boy with him on his adventure.

Aside from a few holes in logic in the movie (and don't most make-believe stories have holes in them? Yes.), it tells a very touching tale about a guy and his relationship with his past, as well as his newfound friendship with the kid on his porch. I laughed out loud at the funny parts of the movie, and there were also some very sentimental parts of the movie that made me cry...a lot. Whoever says that this is a kid movie is kidding themselves; UP is predominantly an adult-themed movie that happens to be animated and happens to contain a sufficient number of funny scenes for little kids to laugh at.

**SPOILER** (highlight to read)

What makes the movie so touching and heart-rendering is the first 15 minutes of the flick, which very poignantly describes the loving relationship between the main character (the old guy) and his wife. This back-story explains why he wants to go to South America and also why he doesn't take an airplane to get there; his attachment to his house and his past become like an albatross on his back, weighing him down and holding him back from living the rest of his life. I cried, no, bawled like a baby because as I watched the movie, I could envision Hubbs and I and growing old together. I could feel the sense of loss and loneliness that the main character feels after his wife passes, and it caused me to consider my mortality and my life. Hubbs and I both decided that we probably cannot recommend this movie to our parents or our grandparents without a big fat disclaimer warning them about these first 15 minutes. But what was so sad about the movie also made the movie that much more meaningful, and this is why I think that its main target audience isn't so much the 8 year old, but the adults in the audience.

Anyway, I loved this movie and I would recommend all of you to go and see it. Bring Kleenex, because I didn't and the napkins at the concession are really awful and abrasive on your face. I will probably see it again, though likely not in a theatre, and there is a 100% chance I will be buying the movie when it comes out on DVD (but don't wait til then to borrow it from me; see it in 3D)!


karen said...

I saw it this weekend, and wholeheartedly agree - best animated movie I've ever seen!

vien said...

the trailer looks cute but not too enticing. I've never seen Wall-E nor desire to. Have yet to see Star Trek & Terminator Salvation, but will go see Up before those 2 movies.

Hear so many good things about it, can't wait.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

@karen - Did you cry like a baby? I so did..and Hubbs laughed at me (though secretly I think he watered up a little too).

@vien - I've heard Star Trek is also worth watching..even Con liked it! But yeah, UP didn't appeal to me at first either, but when I saw it I was glad that I did. )

vien said...

saw the movie last nt. Had some good laughs to it, some touching moments. Thought it dragged out a bit, but great animation & entertaining nonetheless.
p.s did you think the kid was Asian?? I totally thought he was.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

@Vien - Yep, I am pretty sure that slanty-eyed Russell boy was Asian. Seeing his mom at the end was proof positive for me. I'm glad they didn't give him some funky accent though; ambiguity is good in this case!