Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Wardrobe...Flashback to 1999

...sort of. I recently found myself shopping at a store that I haven't visited in over a decade. The store? Bluenotes. It's a denim and casual cotton-wear shop that I used to frequent in my early university days, when I was a poor, broke student surviving on cheap pasta and ground meat. After a while, I had to upgrade my wardrobe to more work-appropriate attire, and my visits to Bluenotes became more infrequent. After a while, it was just one of those stores that I'd walk past at the mall and not think twice about going into.

Well, everything changed on the weekend. Hubbs & I were both in the market for some new jeans, but neither of us wanted to drop a ton of money on them since we figured we might be skinnifying a bit in the next few months.

Anyway, after looking at our usual jeans places (without any luck), we came across a Bluenotes and I saw the sale sign prominently displayed across their denim display walls. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I went in and tried on some jeans. In the end, Hubbs & I walked out of there with 2 new pairs each...and all for the same price that we probably would have paid for just one pair of jeans elsewhere. :)

Bluenotes now offers several cuts of jeans, and like many other denim places, sells jeans with various inseams for short, regular, and tall people. This is definitely an improvement from a decade ago, when I don't recall them having jeans in any other length than "standard." Each of their current styles also comes in a variety of washes, which is perfect for me since I am only allowed to wear dark non-faded denim to school when I am teaching, but prefer a slight fade when I'm going out on the town.

Bluenotes' prices are relatively low, even though the quality of the jeans (at least so far) seems to be pretty good. Sure, these pants don't have any fancy brand-name patterns on them, but they make my butt look round and J-Lo-ish, and they sit really well on Hubbs too. Sometimes, brand names aren't necessary if the clothes look good, right?

Anyway, I'm pleased to see that I can still shop at these stores, even a decade later, and it pleases me even more to know that they sell stuff that I can fit and wear comfortably. Quite frankly, I don't mind if my wardrobe is reverting back to 1999 so long as I'm only paying 1999 prices ;)