Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Springtime Random

* I hate vegetables; they taste foul to me (with few exceptions), and staying fresh and unbruised/dented/non-rusty are always issues with the good types of veg.  My solution? I've taken to drinking V8 Fusion.  I'm not sure whether this really is healthier for me than not drinking it, but it satisfies my veg guilt and it's quite refreshing for this spring season.

* My relationship with patios is a love/dislike one.  I love having drinks on a sunny patio with great company, but I get bored easily if the bevvies don't stay refilled and conversations aren't animated, and my thermal range of comfort is so freakin' limited that it can quickly go from being too hot to too cold on the patio in mere minutes depending on cloud cover.  I wonder if I shouldn't start packing a throw with me when we go for patio drinks.

* Twitter isn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be.  Facebook status updates are far more amusing to me.

* Hardwood floors are lovely to look at but not the least bit functional.  I wish we had laminate floors.

* Though I'm considering getting laser eye surgery to end my contact lens dependency once and for all, I'm also thinking about keeping my glasses as a fashion accessory.  I've received far too many compliments on this set of frames not to want to keep them around, but is it the height of vanity to wear glasses when one doesn't actually need them?

* Every so often I get an urge to spend copious amounts of $ on new makeup or new stationery.  I feel that urge coming on very very soon.

* Sushi is addictive.  I have had cravings for days now, but we've been having every other kind of food except for sushi these last few days.  I think I could live on an all-sushi diet.  Really.

* Yesterday at Shoppers Drug Mart, some crazy lady (who looks like the cousin of that Octo-Mom) cut in front of us in line to pay.  THEN she set off the security alarm like 3 times.  I think she was shoplifting and that's why she was in a big ol' hurry to leave.  Sometimes I wish I believed in karma!

* The spider eggs oustide our windows have hatched, me thinks.  In this sunlight, I can see the  sparkle of many many webs dangling down from the top of our window panes.  Now the trick is to figure out how to open our windows and enjoy fresh spring breezes without letting these creepy critters in.  My building should really wash our windows already.

And of course, here is the meme:

10 Things I Love About Spring

1. Bright sunny mornings and late evening sunsets
2. The smell of flowers in bloom
3. Wearing open-toed shoes and sandals again
4. Being able to use the sun-roof on our car, finally!
5. Sunglasses and BBQs
6. No more crazy layers and gloves and scarves (except as accessories)
7. The vibrant colours of plants in bloom
8. Slushy drinks
9. Weekend road trips
10. Healthier eating (no more comfort food!)


vien said...

i had LASEK a month ago and I love it. Can't wait to go camping & not have to worry.

Wearing contacts bothered my eyes so that was another incentive to get it done.

tejanamama said...

i love my glasses so i'll never be rid of them!! but i'd never do lasek either!! i'm a chicken shit!!! hate veggies? That would make dieting hard. LOVE VEGGIES here. Makes life easier!! havent been cookng enough tho so i'm NOT eating enough fresh veggies/fruit! Need to work on that asap!