Saturday, April 04, 2009


... in a I'm-getting-too-old sort of way.  At the tender age of 27 (v.7) I am wrestling with a brutal head cold, sinus congestion, a nagging hip pain, a phlegmy cough, a tender wrist (I think my nintenonditis is still healing), hot and cold spells, and general fatigue.  I may also be running a fever, though I haven't stopped to check my body temperature yet.

I'm pretty sure that when I was 16, I bounced back from rhinoviral attacks within a couple of days.  I don't even recall missing a day of school over a cold.  However, fast forward a few years, and now I have to go to bed before the sun even sets (6:45 p.m. on Wednesday night) just because I feel like garbage, and after a week of battling with this stupid cold, it's still working me over.

What happened?!?  I am on vitamins, I drink my water, I eat relatively healthy, and I worked out (note the past tense since I haven't been able to go to the gym regularly since my recent disc fracture followed immediately by the onset of the cold).  I blame aging.  My body is aging.  My mind remains youthful, my appearance stays pretty ageless and wrinkle-free, and in every other sense I think I'm holding on to my youth appropriately.  However, my body is not cooperating with the rest of me, and insists on getting older.  It sucks.

Anyway, here's a meme for my sick day; thank God it's Saturday and not during the work week!

1. Do you still have tonsils?

2. Would you bungee jump?
Only if a gun was pointed at my head and I knew with 100% certainty that by jumping I would live and the bad guy would die.  

3. If you could do anything in the world for a living what would it be?
5-star hotel critic and fine dining food critic.  I might also consider being paid to shop, but without the lame lengthy secret shopper forms to fill out afterwards.

4. How many tattoos do you have?
None, though I've secretly considered one before.

5. Your favorite fictional animal?
Garfield and Miss Piggy.  I like the ones with attitude. ;)

6. One person that never fails to make you laugh?
Hubbs; he makes me laugh on an hourly basis.

7. Do you consider yourself well organized?
Anal-retentive might be another apt descriptor.  I personally prefer "Type A" because it sounds less, well, crude.  But yes, I have to have an organized environment in order to function and to work.  

8. Any addictions?
Currently I'm addiction-free (unless you count reading gossip blogs or watching 24), though it would be incredibly easy for me to become addicted to London Fogs and to regular massages.  

9. From what news source do you receive the bulk of your news?
Online, and sometimes from CNN or Jon Stewart or CTV.  

10. Would you rather go to a carnival or circus?
The carnival, but only if it's a good quality one not run by greasy carnies.  I'm psyching up to go to the PNE here in Van once the weather warms up a bit more.

11. When you were twelve years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A pediatrician.

12. Best movie you've seen this year?
I've only seen one so far in 2009 - Watchmen.  It was pretty good, but I couldn't appreciate it as much as someone who has read the graphic novel (e.g. Hubbs).

13.Favourite alcoholic drink
Lava Flow - Pina colada mix with strawberry puree and some sort of booze that the nice Hawaiian bartender free-pours.

14. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Try to figure out how I can sleep in for a few more minutes.  Then I pray.

15. Siblings?
Three + two in-laws and a significant other.

16. What is the best thing about your job?
No marking or planning or report cards!  Plus, I get to work with students from Grades 1-9.

17. Have you ever gone to therapy?
Only the massage kind, but sometimes I think I might benefit from some psychotherapy, since I think it is useful for so many others I know.

18. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Oooh.  Today, it would be the ability to wrinkle my nose and have my entire home clean itself, sort of like that witch lady in Bewitched.

19. Do you own any furniture from Ikea?
A bookshelf, a queen-sized guest bed, one display case (we'd like a second one) and probably some miscellaneous items (e.g. the kleenex boxes in our washroom).  

20. Have you ever gone camping?
Yes, once with girlfriends and once with Hubbs, Space Max, and Superstar Jo.  Oh, there were also a few times with my church fellowship, but I don't remember specifics anymore.

21. Gas prices! First thought?
Thank God we barely drive. :)

22. Your favorite cartoon character? 
Undecided at the moment.  We have really been enjoying Family Guy episodes lately.  Does Wall-E count as a cartoon character?  He *is* animated.

23. What was your first car?
The Pontiac Sunbird stationwagon in blue.

24. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?
Nope, but I think that marriage as a legal relationship is different from marriage as a sacred covenant before God.  Some people like to confuse the two, but I consider them separate entities, both of which I subscribe to.

25. The Cosby Show or the Simpsons?
Early years Simpsons would be better, but Cosby Show > recent Simpsons.

26. Do you go to church?
Westside! (

27. What famous person would you like to have dinner with?
I thought I just addressed this one.  Robert Pattinson.  Then I'd ask him to be my friend. :)

28. What errand/chore do you despise?
Cleaning the laminate floors.  It is such a taxing and involved process, and the floor cleaning oil stinks.

29. First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
This morning my alarm didn't go off, since I don't set it on the weekends.  But normally, my first thought is, "Ugh.  Already?  I wonder if I can sleep for 15 more minutes?" followed by a quick assessment of my morning schedule to determine if I can afford those extra minutes.

30. Last time you puked from drinking?
I have never vomitted from drinking.  I don't remember the last time I puked, period.  I usually block out those sorts of memories ;)

31. What is your heritage?
Chinese (with a bit of Mongolian thrown in from many generations back).

32. Favorite flower?
China lilies, though I actually like most lilies.

33. Disney or Warner Bros?

34. What is your best childhood memory?
Oooh...there are so many.  Playing swords, "camping," and singing duets with Vanilla Con, family vacations, trick-or-treating, kindergarten to Gr. 3 (alll of it), falling asleep during lazy afternoon nap-times with Superstar Jo and Vanilla Con on the family room couch, watching my little bro singing Canto-pop and dancing around as a 3-year old...the list goes on and on and on.

35. Your favorite potato chip?
I like the Terra veggie chips in Zesty Tomato flavour.  I also like Calbee's Snappeas (which aren't made out of potatoes).  Regular Lay's are good too.

36. What is your favorite candy?
I'm not much of a candy fan, but I like Skor, Twix, Kit-Kat, and Aero bars.  

37. Do you burn or tan?
I do both, but not well nor evenly.

38. Astrological sign?
Pissy.  I mean, Pisces.

39. Do you own a gun?
Not even the water-type.  But we do have a Transformer (Megatron) that can convert into a "gun" and shoot little pellets.

40. What do you think of hot dogs?
On occasion, only the artificial taste of a manufactured, processed, nitrate-laden meat product will satisfy.  Those are the hot dog days.


~Rain``` said...

Get well soon!

sideshow bob said...

"Nintendonitis" - love it!

Sylvana said...

Good answers, and get well soon!
I find lots of extra Vit C, a little extra Vit E, some echinacea thrown in for good measure, lots of sleep and water usually does the trick for a cold. One of my new favorite remedies, especially if I have lots of congestion, is mullein tea. Works and tastes great!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

@Rain - Thank you! :) I am slowly recovering...emphasis on slow.

@Sideshow Bob - I wish I could claim credit for that term but it was actually coined a while ago by someone else, and was the result of a bunch of people developing the same kind of tendonitis after playing on their Nintendos. I happen to be one of them :(

@Sylvana - Thanks! :) I'm on vitamins and sleep and water and hot lemon honey tea. I've not heard of this mullein tea but I will look for it; anything to lay off the drugs! ;)