Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tell All Your Single Friends :)

So usually, I'm not one to do a ton of advertising.  However, I just found out that my neighbour and friend has built a free online dating website to help people find their special someone.  This neighbour has tried to incorporate all of the features that he has personally found to be the most useful on a dating site, on his website.

I like that he wants his site to emphasize authentic matches, not just random sex hook-ups.  I see the sincerity in his tone; he genuinely wants to help people find serious life partners.  I appreciate the clean look of his website; it is way more user-friendly and attractive than that "plenty of fish" site that I know many have used. 

And so, I am recommending this site publicly, in the hopes that if you are living in AB, BC, or WA, and you're looking for someone special, that you might consider setting up a profile on  At least take a look at it, and tell people about it!  My friend has not only poured hours of his time and lots of his money into this venture, but has invested significant emotional stock into creating this match-making web service.  

Who knows?  You might find your special someone over the Net.  I did! ;)