Monday, March 16, 2009

The Brutal Wii Truth

For my b-day this year, Hubbs surprised me with the gift I most wanted: a Wii Fit.  I had searched high and low (well, wherever I happened to be at, I looked for it) but could not locate a copy of this game post-Christmas.  I guess due to recession spending, stores have been a bit lax about restocking, since a lot of their gear still hasn't moved yet.

Anyway, we eagerly set this baby up and got started.  I don't think we've missed more than a day yet!  Hubbs probably loves the Wii Fit as much as I do; it's fun and it makes us move.  However, much as I love the balance games and enjoy the advanced step aerobics, I am finding that this little white board is a bit too blunt.  I mean, not only is it telling me my BMI (don't's not pretty) every time I'm signing in, but it also tells me my weight.  THEN it porkifies my cute little Wii Mii to make it pudgier (thanks).  As if that isn't enough, it will gossip to Hubbs about me if/when I miss a day (I've only missed one); it will casually mention to him that I haven't been working out very much and exercise is important.  How rude!

The question is, can I handle the truth?  So far, yes.  I enjoy watching to see if my measurements drop over the course of the week, and I like unlocking new games and pretend-hula hooping to burn calories.  I just hope that I do see some drops on the scale from daily Wii-ing and working out.

Now that Hubbs has flown back to E-town, he won't be able to play on the Wii for almost a week.  Evil as it sounds, I'm secretly excited to see what sort of gossipping the Wii Board is going to do about his absence. ;)


~Rain``` said...

Wow, I had no idea that the Wii Fit was so telling! Happy Birthday! Continue to have fun!

tejanamama said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I missed it :) Have fun with your new toy!