Friday, March 06, 2009

A Belated V-Day Present

I finally picked out my V-day shoes!  I decided to splurge and go with a pair of Fluevogs, since most of my shoes tend towards a more conservative style and I figured it was time to funkify my collection.  

Ta da! I love these shoes, BTW.  I wore them all day teaching today, and even had to climb stairs a few times.  My feet still feel great and are as-yet blister free.  I was even able to do some Wii Fit exercising after work, without any pedi pain.

I am very pleased with this purchase, a popular choice that has garnered compliments from both students and fellow staff.  I'm thinking I will be back to Fluevog the next time I want shoes.  If these are any indication, they are worth every penny! :)


Curlz said...

Too cute!

Ontario Emperor said...

Enjoy your funkified shoes!

As for me, I can't understand how anyone can wear heels. (Although I was growing up in the 1970s, I never ventured toward wearing platform shoes.)

Natalie said...

This post is cracking me up because I JUST opened the new pair of Fleuvogs I ordered this morning. these are my new friends. I used to wear John's shoes in high school but hadn't had a pair in ages. It was time. Glad to see you are on the Fluevog wagon!