Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Stupid Pet Owner Rant

Let me preface this by saying that I love dogs.  I think they are loyal animals and can be incredibly cute; they're intelligent and they can provide both companionship and service.  Sure, I'm afraid of the really big and aggressive dogs, but overall they are one of God's best animal creations.  

However, I find it the height of selfishness for downtown condo-dwellers to own dogs, particularly the big retriever-sized ones, when they live in tiny concrete boxes measuring little more than 500 square feet!  

Allow me to rant.  Today I was at the gym (located in the heart of downtown near many high-rise condos of questionable space) with Hubbs (who has some moderate to severe allergies when it comes to cats and dogs) when we came across some gym rat dude who was macking on the reception girl.  Fine, get your game on, buddy.  However, he had dragged his giant dog with him and was using his "man's best friend" as his wingman.  This huge hairy beast of a dog was not leashed, was not sitting or lying down, but was wandering around the front desk area sniffing at Hubbs' gym bag.  When we called attention to the dog and tried to get him to move, his owner ordered the dog back to his side.  Unfortunately, dog owner dude was standing smack in the middle of the narrow hallway that leads to the change rooms, so of course we had to navigate around both him and his dog en route to and from the change rooms.

Now, did I mention that Hubbs has allergies?  And his aren't even the worst.  I'm sure there are other gym members whose allergies are far more severe.  Exposure at that level could have resulted in respiratory distress, watery eyes, skin rashes, or even worse.  But doggie dude didn't care; he probably dragged his enormous dog to the gym because he figured that this way, he could fit in "walking his dog" and also working out (and also, finding a date) all in one go.  

So, let me get this straight.  Dude lives in a studio/bachelor suite that's all of 500 square feet, with a giant dog.  Dude probably works 8-10 hours a day (or a night, depending on what he does), leaving his purported "best friend" stuck inside the concrete box for a good chunk of the day with nowhere to go and nothing to do.  He only drags this poor animal outside to go to the gym and considers the 4-block walk sufficient exercise for his full-grown pet.  He inconsiderately ignores the fact that a not-so-insignificant percent of the population might be allergic to dogs when he lets his pet run free around the reception area of the gym.

Selfish. Arrogant. Ass.  I don't care if only half of my assumptions are true, and maybe his apartment is 600 sq. ft. and maybe he only works 7.5 hours a day and maybe he also takes his dog out for a walk when he throws out his garbage.  At what point does it become an act of selfishness to own a dog?  I say, it's when the dog no longer has the freedom to be a dog, and is subject to every stupid whim of its stupid human owner.

Don't even get me started about the yappy pup next door, either.  At least our pothead neighbour is usually home to get high with his dog most of the day.  Did I mention the apartment next door is only 420 sq. ft.?


~Rain``` said...

Our condo board tried to ban pets in our complex. But alas, the pet owners rose in defense of their canine and feline friends. We used to have a yappy dog next door who would bark at 7 a.m. without fail. But the family moved. Other dog owners have allowed their pets to crap all over the small yard behind their unit without cleaning it up. The lawn maintenance company was not impressed.