Monday, February 23, 2009

Speaking of Metrosexuals...

I came across this word "metrosexual" again today, and of course I immediately thought of Hubbs.  He does, after all, consider himself a true metrosexual.  I thought I'd Wiki and Google the term to investigate further, in case the term is a misnomer for him.  However, after doing a cursory search, I realized that although he's not nearly as metro as his friend PdeG, he's not too far off the mark nowadays.

Some of the criteria:

1) Gay men hit on you. - Yep, Hubbs has seen his fair share, though nowadays the wedding ring and the ever-present wife have abated this occurrence. 

2) You avoid wearing tightey-whiteys.  Boxers all the way in this household.

3) You wear leather pants. Well, not anymore.  Hubbs has been hinting about getting a pair again (he had some a few years back) but I just won't let him.  Blame the mean wife - the leather pants takes things to a whole new level and I'm just not prepared to go there yet.

4) You use more than one product on your hair.  Try 3 - he likes American Crew, btw.  Possibly more, depending on the day.  Hubbs likes to mix and match his hair products to get his hair "just so," though I daresay that this is a recent phenomenon and not something he did before he met me. 

5) You use other hair removal services than shaving, and spa services.  Hubbs has waxed before, though I guess this one's a stretch since a) he's not that hairy and b) he would prefer to spend his money on clothes rather than on spa services.

6) You borrow products from the women in your life.  Hubbs did, until I started buying him his own shiz so that I can use my stuff in peace.  His current preferences are the Lancome men's line and he's also trying out the Shiseido eye cream for men (the one that's supposed to reduce puffiness caused by eye strain due to computer use).  He hasn't given it a verdict yet.

7) You are draped in fashionable clothing. Yes, his wardrobe has been upgrading since we met.  He currently loves just about anything Ted Baker and he also recently discovered Bugatchi Uomo.  Of course, Hubbs isn't so much about the brand name as he is about the look of a shirt.  He likes flashy prints in wild colours.  And yes, he still owns white dress shoes and a matching white belt.  I believe he was mocked by his peers for that one, but you know he doesn't care. ;)

8) You appreciate literature, cinema, and other arts.  Hmm.  Hubbs isn't not a huge fan of Miss Saigon (he took me there once and I cried and cried and he thought this to be rather amusing), but he is an actor.  Did you know he won a scholarship to study acting in New York?  The photo seen above was taken when we went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway ;)  As for literature, Hubbs' recent non-work, non-Bible reading conquest? The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky.  I couldn't make it through but he did!  He has also read Wicked, the book that got turned into a Broadway show.  

9)You are a city boy.  Well, we *did* move to Van, and Hubbs has been calling this city home for the past decade, so yes, I guess one could say that he would die without the great urban life.

10) You enjoy reading men's magazines.  I had no idea this was a criteria, but it definitely sounds like Hubbs.  We've missed his Men's Health subscription since we moved, but any time I'm in a grocery store you can find Hubbs in the magazine aisle, flipping through the glossies on health and politics.

11) You prefer martinis to jugs of beer. LOL!  Hubbs is not a beer drinker and he likes his booze sweet and fruity.  Need I say more? ;)

12) You have removed hair from parts of your body other than your face.  He has special tools for this, too.   

13) You look in the mirror...a lot.  Hubbs has not met a reflective surface he does not like.  This is why we must sit strategically in restaurants, or else I've lost his attention for the duration of the meal. ;)

14) You moisturize daily.  Twice, if you count morning and night.  He is more religious about it than I am, actually.

15) You spend more than $50 for a haircut.  His stylist even game him a Christmas gift, and several of the folks at the spa know him by name.  The costs are getting out of hand, I think, especially since he needs his hair cut monthly.

16) You don't watch or follow sports.  He really doesn't (and I'm so glad for it!).

17) Your clothes take up more closet space than your significant other's.  Sad but true, though I've oft used this as an excuse to do more shopping.  :)

18) You work out at a gym regularly.  In search of 6-pack abs, Hubbs continues to go to the gym on a regular basis.  I wish I could say the same about me! :(  Oh, and get this - our gym is considered a "boutique gym."  Funny.

19) You take baths.  Shhhhh.... he does that too! Maybe not as much now, but it used to be part of his wind-down routine at the end of the day.

20) You are into fine dining and haute cuisine. Actually I'm not sure if Hubbs is, though I am! By default I guess he is as well, since I won't dine alone ;)  I am impressed that he pays attention to executive chef names though!

Basically, the best way to sum up is this: a guy who cares about his appearance is just that, but a metrosexual is one who takes looking and feeling good to an extreme level.  A guy who looks good is just that, but a metrosexual is one who is competing with you for "best looking" of the night. 

I love my Hubbs, but he is a total metro.  I wouldn't have him any other way! :)



Justice~! said...

I love you hon!! Thanks for the great post.

~Rain``` said...
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~Rain``` said...

Sorry... I deleted the other comment because of some stupid error...

Anyway... What a great list! My husband and I have always wondered what some of the criteria is for being metrosexual, partly because we were curious if one of our relatives fits the bill. After reading your post, we have concluded that our relative has some of the qualities but not all. And my husband is definitely NOT metrosexual. He is too much of a Leafs fan! And I am the one who helps him buy his jeans!