Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Go King Go! :)

I am not an avid Stephen King novel reader, but maybe I should be? ;) The crazy (and I mean DSM-IV certifiably crazy) Twilight fanatics are up in arms about his statement comparing Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling.  You can read the quote here.  

The truth is, I agree with King.  100%.  As a former Twilight lunatic myself, I can see why fans of the series might be offended by King's statement.  After all, if Meyer is a crappy writer, then what does it say about her legions of fans who consider these books high-brow literature? Exactly.  Nobody likes to be told that their tastes are bad and their reading abilities amount to little more than that of average fifth graders (no offense to the smart 5th graders out there!). Furthermore, when these Twi-hards are living and breathing the books and the movie and the soundtrack, the foundations of their entire existence are challenged by critical remarks of this nature.  Nobody wants their world turned upside down, right?  

However, King is absolutely correct.  Not that he himself is the literary end-all and be-all either, but the man has sufficient experience and expertise in the area of story-writing to distinguish between stories that are well-crafted and ones that are poorly constructed.  Meyer's books are not "tight;" her plotlines sometimes drag and at other times they are rushed.  Her characters do not evolve nor do they even remain consistent through the series.  Her novels contain mechanical (grammar and punctuation and even spelling) errors, and her sentences are poorly constructed.  Her overuse of adjectives is indicative of the self-indulgence of her writing, and her repetitious descriptions make for some boring passages.  I think that many literary experts, upon comparing the works of both authors, would come to the same conclusion that King has drawn - that Rowling is a wonderful writer and Meyer is not.

It saddens me to see how his assessment, an opinion that Stephen King is free to hold and to express, has brought flocks of Twilight crazies out of the woodwork to lamblast him.  That the nature of many of their accusations are so juvenile and irrelevant to the issue seems indicative of the general maturity and intelligence level of the typical Twilight fan; they call King an old man, and suggest that he is jealous of Meyer's popularity and Edward's (yes, the character's) sparkly good looks.  Really?  Really?!? Unfortunately, that really is what some of these fans are saying.

I wonder if Rowling will come out in defense of Meyer.  Ha! Doubtful.  I'm pretty sure Rowling agrees with King too, but since some of her fan base is shared with Meyer's, Rowling is wise to keep her opinions to herself despite the ridiculously unfair comparisons of her story-telling brilliance to Meyer's semi-retarded ramblings.  But maybe I'm just being jealous because I don't get to be Bella and have a sparkly Edward in my life.  I'm sure that's what the "true fans" would say. ;)

PS - Did you know that Nina Ricci (the perfume) will be suing the makers of the Twilight perfume?  Apparently the latter ripped off the bottle design COMPLETELY from the former.  They didn't even bother to jazz it up a little; it looks exactly the same (save for the cheesy lettering on the Twilight bottle that's in keeping with the cheesiness of the books).  Cheap!