Monday, February 23, 2009

Speaking of Metrosexuals...

I came across this word "metrosexual" again today, and of course I immediately thought of Hubbs.  He does, after all, consider himself a true metrosexual.  I thought I'd Wiki and Google the term to investigate further, in case the term is a misnomer for him.  However, after doing a cursory search, I realized that although he's not nearly as metro as his friend PdeG, he's not too far off the mark nowadays.

Some of the criteria:

1) Gay men hit on you. - Yep, Hubbs has seen his fair share, though nowadays the wedding ring and the ever-present wife have abated this occurrence. 

2) You avoid wearing tightey-whiteys.  Boxers all the way in this household.

3) You wear leather pants. Well, not anymore.  Hubbs has been hinting about getting a pair again (he had some a few years back) but I just won't let him.  Blame the mean wife - the leather pants takes things to a whole new level and I'm just not prepared to go there yet.

4) You use more than one product on your hair.  Try 3 - he likes American Crew, btw.  Possibly more, depending on the day.  Hubbs likes to mix and match his hair products to get his hair "just so," though I daresay that this is a recent phenomenon and not something he did before he met me. 

5) You use other hair removal services than shaving, and spa services.  Hubbs has waxed before, though I guess this one's a stretch since a) he's not that hairy and b) he would prefer to spend his money on clothes rather than on spa services.

6) You borrow products from the women in your life.  Hubbs did, until I started buying him his own shiz so that I can use my stuff in peace.  His current preferences are the Lancome men's line and he's also trying out the Shiseido eye cream for men (the one that's supposed to reduce puffiness caused by eye strain due to computer use).  He hasn't given it a verdict yet.

7) You are draped in fashionable clothing. Yes, his wardrobe has been upgrading since we met.  He currently loves just about anything Ted Baker and he also recently discovered Bugatchi Uomo.  Of course, Hubbs isn't so much about the brand name as he is about the look of a shirt.  He likes flashy prints in wild colours.  And yes, he still owns white dress shoes and a matching white belt.  I believe he was mocked by his peers for that one, but you know he doesn't care. ;)

8) You appreciate literature, cinema, and other arts.  Hmm.  Hubbs isn't not a huge fan of Miss Saigon (he took me there once and I cried and cried and he thought this to be rather amusing), but he is an actor.  Did you know he won a scholarship to study acting in New York?  The photo seen above was taken when we went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway ;)  As for literature, Hubbs' recent non-work, non-Bible reading conquest? The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky.  I couldn't make it through but he did!  He has also read Wicked, the book that got turned into a Broadway show.  

9)You are a city boy.  Well, we *did* move to Van, and Hubbs has been calling this city home for the past decade, so yes, I guess one could say that he would die without the great urban life.

10) You enjoy reading men's magazines.  I had no idea this was a criteria, but it definitely sounds like Hubbs.  We've missed his Men's Health subscription since we moved, but any time I'm in a grocery store you can find Hubbs in the magazine aisle, flipping through the glossies on health and politics.

11) You prefer martinis to jugs of beer. LOL!  Hubbs is not a beer drinker and he likes his booze sweet and fruity.  Need I say more? ;)

12) You have removed hair from parts of your body other than your face.  He has special tools for this, too.   

13) You look in the mirror...a lot.  Hubbs has not met a reflective surface he does not like.  This is why we must sit strategically in restaurants, or else I've lost his attention for the duration of the meal. ;)

14) You moisturize daily.  Twice, if you count morning and night.  He is more religious about it than I am, actually.

15) You spend more than $50 for a haircut.  His stylist even game him a Christmas gift, and several of the folks at the spa know him by name.  The costs are getting out of hand, I think, especially since he needs his hair cut monthly.

16) You don't watch or follow sports.  He really doesn't (and I'm so glad for it!).

17) Your clothes take up more closet space than your significant other's.  Sad but true, though I've oft used this as an excuse to do more shopping.  :)

18) You work out at a gym regularly.  In search of 6-pack abs, Hubbs continues to go to the gym on a regular basis.  I wish I could say the same about me! :(  Oh, and get this - our gym is considered a "boutique gym."  Funny.

19) You take baths.  Shhhhh.... he does that too! Maybe not as much now, but it used to be part of his wind-down routine at the end of the day.

20) You are into fine dining and haute cuisine. Actually I'm not sure if Hubbs is, though I am! By default I guess he is as well, since I won't dine alone ;)  I am impressed that he pays attention to executive chef names though!

Basically, the best way to sum up is this: a guy who cares about his appearance is just that, but a metrosexual is one who takes looking and feeling good to an extreme level.  A guy who looks good is just that, but a metrosexual is one who is competing with you for "best looking" of the night. 

I love my Hubbs, but he is a total metro.  I wouldn't have him any other way! :)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marriage - the Meme (Happy Valentine's Day)


So it seems that V-Day, the day of commercialised love, is nearly upon us again.  We were initially going to conform and spend some big $ at a romantic French bistro nearby, but we changed our mind and decided to end the insanity.  So, instead of paying an extra $30/person per prix fixe meal on the weekend, we're going to do something we haven't done in a while: have hot pot.  We're also going to rent a movie and celebrate spending time together :)

In a cost-free bid to celebrate the day, I've decided to complete the Marriage meme, which I believe is now making the rounds on Facebook, following the 25 Things meme and the Baby meme that I cannot yet complete! ;)

Voila, lovers! Enjoy our 'story'!


How long have you been together?  We met in late 2002, so it has been a little while...

How long did you know each other before you started dating? About 7 was long-distance for that entire time.

Who asked whom out? We sort of asked each other, I guess.  We pretty much started dating the moment we "met."

How old are each of you? We're both operating on improved iterations of our 27th year.  :)

Whose siblings do/did you see the most? Mine, for sure.  Hubbs' bro is like an undercover spy...he can be pretty hard to track down sometimes ;)

When was your "engagement" anniversary: November 2004...Yikes I actually forget the day...but we don't celebrate this day so neither of us makes it a point to remember.

When is your "marriage" anniversary: July 9, 2005

How long have you known your spouse: See Question 1 - late 2002.

How long did you date before you were engaged: A year and a half, approx.

Where did you meet your spouse for the first time: My place (well, my parents' place that now houses my bro)

What is your spouse’s full name: Hubbs, Hubby of Mrs. Loquacious (if you know me, you already know his name, folks)

Do you have any children yet: Not yet.

How many: Nada.

Did you go to the same school? Nope

Are you from the same hometown? Nope

Who is the smartest? I actually think we're tied; we are both smart in different ways and we both have areas where we're sort of dumb.

Do you have any house pets: Nope.

Do you own a house or rent: Rent, and bearishly proud of it! :) Don't even get me started on the foolios who bought into the 0-40 disaster that has capsized our economy!

Do you live in the country or town/city: Urban metropolis all the way! :) We aren't very good at surviving in the "bush" or in places that feel like a small town; it's not our style.

What is one of your favorite activities together: Just one, eh? We like to snuggle.  We do other activities together too, but the question only asks for one thing...

Who is more sensitive? I guess it depends if you mean sensitive about self or sensitive about the feelings of others.  We both have areas where we're sensitive personally, and depending on the situation we both also feel keenly about how others are feeling.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Hong Kong - does that count if I was living there at the time?  Otherwise, it's Hawaii.  We still have some major traveling to do in this lifetime!

Who has the craziest exes? Not me ;)

Who has the worst temper? Me most of the time, but when Hubbs gets mad, he surpasses my temper tantrums in intensity.

Who does the cooking?  Alas, that is me also.

Who is more social? LOL...depends on who you talk to! ;) I'd say we're both social butterflies but he enjoys time alone whereas it makes me nuts.

Who is the neat-freak? Not my Mr. Messy! ;)

Who is more stubborn? Dead tie.

Who hogs the bed? I have learned the fine art of occupying space.  He has learned to sleep around my strange resting positions.

Who wakes up earlier?  Hubbs, for sure.  Unless I'm working, in which case it's a tie.

Where was your first date? It was dinner at that overpriced, overrated place, Cafe Select.  I think we've only been back once ever since.

Who has the bigger family? I've never counted our extended family on both sides, but I'm pretty sure my family is bigger regardless.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot: Hawaii is Hubbs' favourite.  I can't say that I have a favourite just yet...we'll have to travel a bit more to find out what we like.  We didn't enjoy Disneyland though; that was probably one of our least favourite places.  Next time we'll stick with Orlando's Disney.

How many siblings (including in-laws): Between us we have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, plus 2 brother-in-laws and 1 girlfriend of a sibling...possibly 2 if we actually knew what was happening with Hubbs' bro!

What church do you attend, if you attend: Westside! (pronounced Wess-zigh! in ghetto/street-speak as per my bro-in-law)

Is this the church you were married in: Nope.  We got married at Ellerslie Baptist in E-town.

What town is your current address: Vancouver, BC!! :)

Do you work outside the home, or stay at home: I work part-time as a teacher, and I'm also doing the books for our company.  

Where did you honeymoon: Hawaii

How do you spend the holidays? It is usually a fun and phrenetic time of shopping and eating and laughing and drinking with family and friends. 

Who is more jealous? Hands down it's me, but I'm easing up on this over time, I think.  

How long did it take to get serious? I knew Hubbs was "the one" instantaneously, from that first email, and I'm pretty sure he had an inkling that perhaps I was "the one" soon after that, too.  It was confirmed for both of us when our eyes finally met and we hugged.  That hug sealed the deal. :)

Who eats more? Usually it's tied but on special occasions or for fancy meals, Hubbs has a bit more than I do.

Who does/did the laundry? I do the laundry and the ironing, but Hubbs helps sometimes.

Who’s better with the computer?  Gee, that's a tough one!  The teacher, or the software architect? I wonder...

Who drives when you are together? Hubbs.  I do not like driving but I love riding in my new car! :)

Leave a piece of marriage advice: The most important lesson I think I can share about marriage is that it is a covenant, and an unbreakable vow.  Therefore, you have to work hard and stay commited to protecting it, to nourishing your relationship and to growing in it together.  If you are committed to one another (especially in Christ) above all else, then you have what you need to succeed.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Miley Cyrus is a Racist and So Are Her Supporters


There, I said it.  Miley Cyrus is a hillbilly racist. In case you missed it, in celebrity gossip news this week, a picture has been circulating featuring Miley Cyrus and friends all making the slanty Asian eyes pose for a picture.  Miley and one guy are even using their fingers to pull their eyes farther across their face.  Another guy is featured putting up the "peace" fingers and using his other hand to cover his mouth in a pretend giggle.  The lone individual in the picture who hasn't posed in a racist way is the Asian guy in the photo.  He has his round eyes wide open.  

A lot of people think that "it's just stupid Miley being a teenager," blah blah.  Many excuses have been made for her because of her age, and because an Asian kid is in the photo too.  Miley herself issued a statement claiming that she was simply making a "goofy face" and not intending to offend any particular ethnicity.  Right.  And I'd just be using a "silly word" if I used the word "n*gg*r" in front of an African-American friend.  Exactly.

The picture speaks for itself, really.  I won't even bother to post it on here since I find it so very offensive.  The fact that nearly all of them have the same "goofy face" pose tells me that the photo isn't just some random "make a silly face" picture.  You've taken those before, right?  Usually, when the person behind the camera says that, someone is bound to stick out their tongue, while someone else crosses their eyes and puckers their lips, and you might even get a few who do weird stuff with their eyebrows and wrinkle their noses.  You don't have a nearly identical pose from almost everyone in the picture.  You certainly don't have the sort of pose where everyone has chosen to squint their eyes in the manner that is traditionally associated with the mocking of Asian people.  

So do I buy her excuse? No.  Can I excuse it because she's 16? No.  I have taught 13 year old students who know better than to do that, and understand the offensiveness of racial slurs and behaviours.  Because any 16 year-old can, even in their possibly drug-induced stupors, understand the difference between right and wrong, age cannot be her excuse.

Some even argue that the presence of the Asian guy justifies their actions, because if he's not offended, nobody else should be.  Well, I would argue that if this particular fellow surrounds himself with the racial ignorance of this calibre day in and day out, he could simply be resigned to their racial attitudes and have become apathetic to them.  That certainly does not make it okay any more than it would be okay for me to use the term "r*dsk*n" around someone from Native Indian descent who happened to be my friend.  The rest of the world who has seen the picture is offended.  The kid in the photo does not represent all people of Asian descent who have now viewed this image with disgust.

So why can't I lighten up on this? It's just a photo, some may be thinking.  I would disagree.  The issue at hand is far deeper than just one picture.  I mean, I am offended not only by the image and by this girl's influence on young teens, but by the multitudes of people who seem to be justifying her actions and who do not feel that this behaviour is offensive.  It indicates the level of tolerance for prejudicial attitudes and racism that still exists in a society that is supposed to be multi-cultural and open-minded.  It suggests to me that in the minds of many, it is still OK to make fun of others because of their race, provided that the behaviour is done in the name of "fun."  

That is not cool to me. That is particularly uncool because I will have children, and I do not want my babies growing up in a world where their skin colour or the shape of their eyes will dictate how people perceive them and treat them.  For all the "enlightenment" that has supposedly come to pass, this photo and the reactions generated suggest that we're a lot more backward than we are forward when it comes to embracing all people equally.

Miley Cyrus may be a self-absorbed, ignorant, hillbilly teenager, but she represents a good number of the population who, despite their claims of being tolerant and open-minded, are still racists at heart.  It troubles me that more have not spoken out against this image.  It bothers me that many are jumping to her defense rather than seeing her actions for what they really are: ethnic insults.  

I truly hope that the many young people who listen to Miley Cyrus's music will not grow up to be like her.  I hope that all the mommies and daddies who are seeing the picture will sit down with their children and discuss why such behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  I hope that my children will not ever have to see someone making slant eyes at them, or find out that someone has uttered a racial slur about them behind their back.

I guess I'm hoping that things will change.  But will they?

Not fast enough.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Go King Go! :)


I am not an avid Stephen King novel reader, but maybe I should be? ;) The crazy (and I mean DSM-IV certifiably crazy) Twilight fanatics are up in arms about his statement comparing Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling.  You can read the quote here.  

The truth is, I agree with King.  100%.  As a former Twilight lunatic myself, I can see why fans of the series might be offended by King's statement.  After all, if Meyer is a crappy writer, then what does it say about her legions of fans who consider these books high-brow literature? Exactly.  Nobody likes to be told that their tastes are bad and their reading abilities amount to little more than that of average fifth graders (no offense to the smart 5th graders out there!). Furthermore, when these Twi-hards are living and breathing the books and the movie and the soundtrack, the foundations of their entire existence are challenged by critical remarks of this nature.  Nobody wants their world turned upside down, right?  

However, King is absolutely correct.  Not that he himself is the literary end-all and be-all either, but the man has sufficient experience and expertise in the area of story-writing to distinguish between stories that are well-crafted and ones that are poorly constructed.  Meyer's books are not "tight;" her plotlines sometimes drag and at other times they are rushed.  Her characters do not evolve nor do they even remain consistent through the series.  Her novels contain mechanical (grammar and punctuation and even spelling) errors, and her sentences are poorly constructed.  Her overuse of adjectives is indicative of the self-indulgence of her writing, and her repetitious descriptions make for some boring passages.  I think that many literary experts, upon comparing the works of both authors, would come to the same conclusion that King has drawn - that Rowling is a wonderful writer and Meyer is not.

It saddens me to see how his assessment, an opinion that Stephen King is free to hold and to express, has brought flocks of Twilight crazies out of the woodwork to lamblast him.  That the nature of many of their accusations are so juvenile and irrelevant to the issue seems indicative of the general maturity and intelligence level of the typical Twilight fan; they call King an old man, and suggest that he is jealous of Meyer's popularity and Edward's (yes, the character's) sparkly good looks.  Really?  Really?!? Unfortunately, that really is what some of these fans are saying.

I wonder if Rowling will come out in defense of Meyer.  Ha! Doubtful.  I'm pretty sure Rowling agrees with King too, but since some of her fan base is shared with Meyer's, Rowling is wise to keep her opinions to herself despite the ridiculously unfair comparisons of her story-telling brilliance to Meyer's semi-retarded ramblings.  But maybe I'm just being jealous because I don't get to be Bella and have a sparkly Edward in my life.  I'm sure that's what the "true fans" would say. ;)

PS - Did you know that Nina Ricci (the perfume) will be suing the makers of the Twilight perfume?  Apparently the latter ripped off the bottle design COMPLETELY from the former.  They didn't even bother to jazz it up a little; it looks exactly the same (save for the cheesy lettering on the Twilight bottle that's in keeping with the cheesiness of the books).  Cheap!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Stupid Pet Owner Rant


Let me preface this by saying that I love dogs.  I think they are loyal animals and can be incredibly cute; they're intelligent and they can provide both companionship and service.  Sure, I'm afraid of the really big and aggressive dogs, but overall they are one of God's best animal creations.  

However, I find it the height of selfishness for downtown condo-dwellers to own dogs, particularly the big retriever-sized ones, when they live in tiny concrete boxes measuring little more than 500 square feet!  

Allow me to rant.  Today I was at the gym (located in the heart of downtown near many high-rise condos of questionable space) with Hubbs (who has some moderate to severe allergies when it comes to cats and dogs) when we came across some gym rat dude who was macking on the reception girl.  Fine, get your game on, buddy.  However, he had dragged his giant dog with him and was using his "man's best friend" as his wingman.  This huge hairy beast of a dog was not leashed, was not sitting or lying down, but was wandering around the front desk area sniffing at Hubbs' gym bag.  When we called attention to the dog and tried to get him to move, his owner ordered the dog back to his side.  Unfortunately, dog owner dude was standing smack in the middle of the narrow hallway that leads to the change rooms, so of course we had to navigate around both him and his dog en route to and from the change rooms.

Now, did I mention that Hubbs has allergies?  And his aren't even the worst.  I'm sure there are other gym members whose allergies are far more severe.  Exposure at that level could have resulted in respiratory distress, watery eyes, skin rashes, or even worse.  But doggie dude didn't care; he probably dragged his enormous dog to the gym because he figured that this way, he could fit in "walking his dog" and also working out (and also, finding a date) all in one go.  

So, let me get this straight.  Dude lives in a studio/bachelor suite that's all of 500 square feet, with a giant dog.  Dude probably works 8-10 hours a day (or a night, depending on what he does), leaving his purported "best friend" stuck inside the concrete box for a good chunk of the day with nowhere to go and nothing to do.  He only drags this poor animal outside to go to the gym and considers the 4-block walk sufficient exercise for his full-grown pet.  He inconsiderately ignores the fact that a not-so-insignificant percent of the population might be allergic to dogs when he lets his pet run free around the reception area of the gym.

Selfish. Arrogant. Ass.  I don't care if only half of my assumptions are true, and maybe his apartment is 600 sq. ft. and maybe he only works 7.5 hours a day and maybe he also takes his dog out for a walk when he throws out his garbage.  At what point does it become an act of selfishness to own a dog?  I say, it's when the dog no longer has the freedom to be a dog, and is subject to every stupid whim of its stupid human owner.

Don't even get me started about the yappy pup next door, either.  At least our pothead neighbour is usually home to get high with his dog most of the day.  Did I mention the apartment next door is only 420 sq. ft.?