Monday, January 05, 2009

Oh...This and That.

When one is nearly unemployed (read: substitute teaching), one tends to have a bit of extra time on their hands.  People often wonder what a "socialite" (a misnomer, really - you can call me casually employed/semi-retired instead, since socialite implies extravagant diamonds and Hermes handbags, neither of which I have) like me does with all of her "spare time."  I believe that with the question comes the tacit implication that I do not do anything, and that I am somehow being a lazy wife.  

Well, let me enlighten you.  A free woman such as myself does a bit of this and that, after which precious little "spare time" remains.  I cook, I clean, I pick up after my dear Hubbs (who, though a brilliant man and incredibly thorough and competent professionally, tends to overlook tedious details like moving wet towels off the bed in his "big picture" thinking), and I iron.  I balance books and pay bills, and I try to get edumacated on life stuff.  I also do copious amounts of laundry, I assemble new furniture, and sometimes I repair things like broken chairs.  I wash dishes that cannot be loaded into the dishwasher, and I unpack stuff (like boxes and suitcases).  I book travel for my Hubbs and coordinate social events.  I buy gifts at Christmastime and on special occasions, and I am the generous heart behind the presents that Hubbs might bring to work or to functions.  I grocery shop.  I correspond on behalf of the company and us as a couple to friends and business folk.  I ready the home for guests.  I counsel my Hubbs on life and work advice.  I am a Renaissance Woman.

(Oh, and I read blogs.  Lots and lots of blogs.  Most of them are celebrity gossip blogs, but I have grown increasingly fond of real estate "bear" blogs lately.  I read Greater Fool by ousted-MP/author/prophet Garth Turner, Vancouver Condo Hype, and Vancouver UnReal Estate.  I'm also trying to read some pedagogy books that I ordered online.  They're easy reads and incredibly practical, but with nowhere to put the theory into practice, I just haven't mustered sufficient levels of enthusiasm to plow through the material.)

So I do work, though perhaps I do not follow traditional office hours nor do my little projects and jobs yield a formal paycheque.  I am still busy, despite my time not being occupied with the tasks for which I am formally trained.  My day remains productive from sunrise to sunset, and at the end of the day, my work still contributes to a better life for Hubbs and I.

The conclusion: think twice before you next ask me (or someone like me) what I do with all of my "spare time."  I do not have the time for innane questions like that; I have stuff to do!


~Rain``` said...

Good post... you are busy. Sounds a bit like my life: laundry, budgeting, gift buying, dish washing, blogging, reading, etc. However, you get out much more than I do. ENJOY. (Though, I am probably more of a stay-at-home kind of a person. Plus it is wretchedly cold out here!)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

@Rain - the winter there is a little more unbearable than then one out here on the West coast, which explains why you might want to stay home a bit more. That, and the fact that you have a cutie-pie baby that you'd have to take with you everywhere if you were to go out.

If/when we have a baby, we might want to stay downtown here since it is so conducive to walking, and I can only imagine what a pain it is to have to strap a car seat in (and bring a stroller) every time one goes out!