Tuesday, January 20, 2009

25 Tuesdays

Today is an exciting day, and I plan to be glued to CNN for as much of the inauguration as I can.  While I do so, I thought I'd complete the meme that the Ontario Emperor posted, in which I share 25 new tidbits about myself.  Here goes:

1) Currently I own more pairs of yoga pants than I have jeans.  In a contest between fashion and function, comfort always wins ;)  Don't judge.

2) I don't read newspapers.  I prefer the Internet.

3) I am only 5' 2.5" (technically "petite" height-wise) but I don't wear petite clothes because they're too short for me!

4) Inexplicable as it may be, I don't shop at Superstore OR Wal-Mart but I quite like Zellers and I love Dollarama.  

5) My recycling is limited to cardboard and bottles.  I am trying to expand that to include paper, but so far I've not been very successful.

6) I hate "chick-lit" and most of the poorly-written fiction that passes for novels on bookstore shelves.  Even Twilight, which I appreciated on an emo level (it appealed to the angsty former teenybopper in me), was horrendous to me from a literary perspective.  Poorly planned, self-indulgent, repetitive, and wrought with sentences less artistically crafted than those composed by some of my 8th graders - the book was skilllessly written.

7) I like mixing pricier things with cheap stuff, but I can't wear/carry knock-offs.  I just can't.

8) I think I got my de Quevain's tendonitis from playing too much Dr. Mario with Hubbs.  Yeah, I know.  NERD.

9) The truth is, I am a terrible public speaker.  I can speak well in front of my classes, but speech delivery is not a strong suit of mine, despite what many think.  I am a far more effective writer than I am a speaker, in my mind.

10) I strongly prefer authentic Chinese food over the fakey fakey westernized kind, but I love me some good sweet and sour pork and dry ribs.  

11) Yes I can tell the difference between the taste of different kinds of water, and that's probably why I drink my H2O with flavoured Splenda powders nowadays.

12) I think Barack Obama is hot.  I wish he was our president/prime minister.  

13) Confession: I don't always wash my hair every day, but unlike some that I've known, I also cannot go a full week or month without washing my hair.  

14) I can barely ride a bicycle, and I can only sort of swim.

15) In our household, I'm the fix-it woman.  Hubbs will do the heavy lifting and light-bulb changing, but when it comes to other repairs, I think I've used our tools way more than Hubbs has in the last 4 years.

16) My pierced ears have expensive taste.  I can only wear pure gold earrings; the cheap or plated stuff gives me very gross allergic reactions.

17) In recent years I have grown increasingly intolerant of "small talk."  Recognizing the need for it on occasion, I can still engage in "shooting the breeze" with the best of 'em, but secretly I hate it.  I would rather sit in silence, or alone, than have to make idle chit chat for the sake of filling silence.  Bring on the awkward silences!!

18) I don't drink milk anymore, unless it is in cereal.  I am trying to change that, but milk no longer holds the appeal to me that it once had.  I used to drink milk in lieu of water (think 8 glasses a day of the white stuff) but now it seems I'd rather have tea or Coke Zero instead.

19) I secretly wish I had the skills to wear high heels for more than 3 hours at a time.  I can suffer through stilettos for only a few hours (with minimal walking) before the blisters begin to form and my inner b*tch comes out to play.  Contrast that with the women on the streets of downtown Van who can walk for blocks on end in their skinny 3" heels on hard concrete.  How do they do that?!?!? I am envious.

20) There are certain country music songs that I really like, much to my own dismay.  

21) Buried beneath this yoga-pants-wearing exterior lies a girly girl who likes decadent things.  My next indulgent purchase will probably be a pair of designer shoes.  I like brand names, and quality goods, and sometimes you get what you pay for, so you have to be willing to spend to get something good.  Hubbs feels the same way, which is why his collection of Ted Baker shirts (and now Bugatchi Uomo) is growing.

22) I don't have a very good skin care routine.  Sometimes I don't even bother with removing my make-up before bed.  Yes, it is a dirty little secret of mine.  

23) My memory is terrible, probably bordering on amnesic.  

24) The reason why I haven't yet dyed my hair is that I'm afraid.  Once you dye your hair, you can never really return to your natural colour until it all grows out, and the growing out part can get seriously fugly.  My natural black hair consists of many varying shades of black mixed together, and this hue cannot be replicated by any combination of dyes.

25) I have food entitlement issues. ;)

Happy Inauguration Day!


Natalie said...

Petite clothes are too short for me too and I am only 5ft! It makes NO sense.

tejanamama said...

i'm five foot five and some petite clothes are Only SLIGHTLY too short for me so that is weird to me that they are short on you guys!!!! guess it depends on leg length.

I sometimes forget and just am too tired to take off the makeup too girl! bad i know. I want to wake up in full make up like on the soaps, but when I fall out with makeup on, i never look good in the morning. its rather gruesome actually! LOL

~Rain``` said...

You are reminding me of the times when we went for sweet and sour pork runs at that little dive across the street from our work. Mmmmmm... so good.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

@Natalie - I totally know what you mean!

@Tejanamama - The worst is discovering old mascara on the pillowcase...or lipstick. GAH it's a bad habit and I'll probably develop bad skin because of my nastiness ;)

@Rain - I miss that S&S. It was good - crispy on the outside, fresh, and fattier on the inside - and even now I find it hard to locate places with equally delicious sweet & sour pork. We had fun on our crazy breakfast/lunch/dinner runs all over Kowloon City and just across the street from school. I miss the rice-roll-wrapped Chinese donuts for breakfast too. SO good!