Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why O, Why?

Given that I am a Christ-follower, some of my friends have questioned why I've chosen to support Barack Obama, particularly when Democratic values have not traditionally reflected the Biblical principles to which I hold.  

I guess my answer is this: human beings are broken and fallible.  Though they espouse a particular worldview or belief set, their own nature can often betray their ability to properly reflect these principles in action.  In these last few months, as both parties campaigned for the presidency and laid out their plans and policies for the U.S., I believe that the true nature of all of the candidates came to the fore.

The Republican ticket failed to "walk the talk" of the teachings of Scripture.  Their policies reflected a strong pro-life sentiment for the unborn (the proposed overturn of Roe v. Wade) but a seemingly complete disregard for life for those who have already been born (e.g. their pro-war sentiments, McCain's tacit approval of Bush and Cheney's Abu Ghraib torture, tax break that favour a wealthy minority and allow middle and lower class citizens to continue to suffer).  Their position on "straight talk" and honesty was marred, perhaps even nullified, by their unwillingness to be transparent in their campaign (e.g. the withheld the medical records and vetting procedures for Sarah Palin) and their eagerness to attack the character of their fellow brother in Christ using mistruths and misleading insinuations (e.g. ACORN, Rev. Wright, socialist accusations, implications of terrorist associations).  They based their campaign on a platform of fear and judgment and elective ignorance of facts and truth.  Not unlike the "Christian" Bush administration, this ticket conducted themselves in a way that did not show me any spiritual fruit indicative of those who truly know and follow Christ.   

I guess the main reason why I support Obama is that throughout these last weeks of his presidential campaign, he walked with integrity and he spoke with intelligence.  He honored life and a spirit of reconciliation with his policies of negotiating with his enemies and ending unjust wars.  His heart for all people from every walk of life has been revealed throughout his life, both by his community organizing efforts and by his desire to help working and middle class people through such actions as the reduction of their taxes.  Obama has shown how much he values family, and has extolled the importance of proper education beginning in the home, and with parents who bear a huge responsibility for their children.   His plans reflect a desire to feed the hungry and help heal the sick (e.g. health care reform strategies), mandates left to all believers by Christ Himself.  Obama has also refused to slander others, even when they attacked him on a personal level; he has turned the other cheek and chosen forgiveness over retaliation.  He based his campagin on facts, on mercy, and on policy, and his victory demonstrates how powerfully his actions, and not his "Christian" label, have spoken to America's people. 

The Scriptures teach that Christ-followers will be known by their love, and that those who bear spiritual fruit show themselves to be Christ's disciples.  In Obama I have seen fruit.  In McCain and Palin, I have not.  Regardless of what the traditional Democratic belief set is, I have every confidence that President-Elect Barack Obama will live out the values that I hold dear, and bring them to the White House and into policy throughout the next four years. 

** P.S.  I also believe in a separation of Church and State...but don't get me started on that ;)


~Rain``` said...

I agree with you. I believe Obama is breath of fresh air for America. He seems more "Christian" in spirit that the Republicans. Also, from what I understand, Bush had the opportunity to protect the unborn while he was in office. The House of Representatives was stacked in his favor. But he didn't...

In other things... it would be hard to imagine Palin as President if anything ever happened to McCain. She didn't seem like a strong candidate.

Natalie said...

That was a beautiful post.

tejanamama said...

I just hate that ppl vote on ONE issue (like pro-life or whatever) assuming the other side is...anti-life? NOT quite at all. These issues are NOT black and white. I also support seperation of church and state, and frankly, think the U.S. has taken a turn for the worse in the past decade or so...too much cross over btwn the two entities that should be kept separate!! I hope everyone is right about him. I voted for him cuz I didn't have many options, but I still am not convinced he has the mustard! I just know, it very likely cannot get jacked up further than it has...of course, unless palin was up there. HOLY SMOKES she's a dingbat. But that is a whole other post.... ;)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

~Rain - I had no idea that McCain did not move to protect the unborn. Ironic since one of my friends who has challenged me on being pro-O probably does not know this!

Natalie - Thank you! :) It was on my heart for a while, actually.

Tejanamama - I know what you mean about voting on *one* issue alone! I think a lot of right-wing evangelicals were voting on "values" though, and thought somehow that McCain was more likely to represent their beliefs in office than Obama would. Actually I thought of you on the 4th! I knew it would be a tough one in the voting booth considering that you're so pro-Hillary but in the end, I'm so glad you voted in spite of those misgivings about Obama! I think he will do great things for the U.S.

And yes, the alternative (Palin as VP) would have been disastrous. I look forward to the avalanche of news stories about her true wingnuttiness in days to come! (The woman couldn't even name the NAFTA countries and didn't know Africa was a continent. When "pranked," she also failed to clue in that Quebec doesn't have a Prime Minister...beyond idiocy). Scary.

Sylvana said...

"she also failed to clue in that Quebec doesn't have a Prime Minister" -- so being able to see a country from your house really DOESN'T make you an expert on that country? Cuz, ya know, she can probably see Canada from her house too ;)

I'm not a religious follower of Jesus (religion, organized or other, just isn't for me), but my personal beliefs and values have been strongly influenced by Jesus' philosophy on life. That's exactly why I lean strongly toward Democrats. I feel their platform, and more importantly, the things that they actually do, most closely resembles those very ideas.