Wednesday, November 26, 2008

6 Random Things

No, I wasn't "tagged," but I decided to tell you 6 random things about me anyway, just because I'm a narcissist and I like to talk about myself ;)  I know I did this meme a while back but I thought I'd get even more...random.

1) I have a very limited temperature tolerance threshold.  Ask Hubbs.  I get cold when it dips below 8 Celsius, and I get hot when it rises above 23 Celsius, give or take a degree.  This means that I am very finicky with the thermostat in my home, and also with the heater in the car, and especially with my bedroom temperatures.  To maximize warmth, it is best to contrast it with surrounding coolness, right?  Okay, that's not logical but it works for me.  I like to drop the temperature in the bedroom a few degrees so that it is a bit cool at night and in the mornings, and then I like to snuggle up and get warm with my Hubbs and also a nice heavy down or faux-down comforter.  It sucks when I wake up in the morning and it is cold, but the sleep is awesome.  Hubbs, by contrast, likes it warm.  He doesn't like to see temperatures dip below 0 but I think he thrives in 20+ conditions.  If/when we go to Vegas, I will probably be uncomfortable most of the time (the A/C being too cold, the outdoors being too hot), but I think Hubbs will love it.

2) I am not a fan of sour foods or candies.  Lemons only work in my water or fizzy drinks, or as a means to prevent browning apples, or as a zest for cooking.  Grapefruits, unless they are covered in sugar or Splenda, are also inedible in my books.  I prefer the "Delicious" apples to the "Granny" ones, and I cringe (and salivate simultaneously - but not in a good way) at the thought of sucking on one of those sour candies.  Hubbs, of course, loves all things sour.  They do say opposites attract.

3) I have a mild version of OCD; I'm convinced of that.  If I get on a "kick" about something, it consumes my thoughts for a long time, or until I complete the given task.  For example, when I discovered that Trade Secrets scratch remover for the floor, I became a vigilant scratch-remover for a full week.  That means that, the moment I would sit down, I'd scan the area around me to see if any scratches had surfaced or been missed, and the moment I spotted one, I'd be up and running for the oil and the cloth.  Then I'd go on a thorough search of scratches until I was convinced I had found them all, and removed them.  Then I'd sit back down, and repeat the process.  A full week of this, I kid you not.  Lately I've been on spider web patrol, because for some reason our place has them.  Not many, mind you.  Only enough for me to get paranoid and go OCD on it.

4) I like to take naps.  Short ones, long ones, it doesn't really matter.  Sometimes my most restful ones have only been 10-15 minutes long.  I think I operate more effectively when naps are a regular part of my life.  I think Hubbs believes this to be true, too! ;) Of course, when I'm teaching I do not have this luxury.  However, for now I will enjoy napping to my heart's content. :)

5) I love buying cleaning products.  It is a sickness, really.  I walk through those "cleaning" aisles at the supermarket and I want to buy up everything for my place, even though I don't clean nearly as often as I should.  Right now my stash is low, and I've limited myself to only the following (which I know is a ridiculously long list by most sane people's standards): Method Daily Shower Spray, Method Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Windex Lime, Nature Clean detergent, Method Granite spray, Method Stainless Steel spray, Easy-Off Ceramic Glasstop cleaner, VIM, Seventh Generation All-Purpose Spray, CLR spray, and VIM floor cleaner.  I also have several pairs of cleaning gloves, multiple sponges, and all sorts of floor care apparati (Swiffer, Swiffer Wetjet, Vlieda floor/wall mop, broom, brush).  I'm running low on the shower cleaner, too, so I'm off to buy more today.  I might end up with other "goodies" by the time I return.  Don't judge.

6) Flyers are my friends.  :) Okay, not literally, but I like them.  A lot.  Other people throw them into the recycle bin beside the mailboxes upon receipt, not even bothering to glance over them for a second.  I, however, take them up to my apartment and read them over carefully and thoroughly before I recycle them.  I love to know about sales.  I love being told about what I supposedly "need."  I love to see price reductions of 60%! Sale blowout! Don't miss!  When Hubbs & I first met, it was much to my disappointment to discover that he was not into flyers; he even had a note up on his mailbox indicating his refusal to accept flyers of any kind.  I'd have to wait until we visited my in-laws (who kindly set aside flyers for me to read) in order to catch up on the week's sales.  Then I'd have to pour over the flyers at their place, rudely shunning conversation until such time that my flyer addiction was satiated.  

So, as you can see, this narcissist is impossibly neurotic, possibly bordering on DSM-IV diagnosable.  I am a particular sort of person and fussy to the utmost, and sometimes I still feel shocked and amazed that I found such a patient man to love my strange self.  (Hubbs - if you're reading this, I love you!).  But I guess, really, we all have a bit of weird in us.  I can think of equally strange habits and preferences in some of my friends, too.  Feel free to share with me your random weirdness...y'know, just so that I don't feel like such a knob ;)


~Rain``` said...

You make me smile... I relate to loving naps and having OCD tendencies!

As for sour stuff... funny enough that was one of my two major cravings when I pregnant. I absolutely LOVED grapefruit and tart apples! :) My other craving was ice -- lots of it. Weird.

~Rain``` said...

Sheesh... I should edit my comments before I publish them! Correction: "When I WAS pregnant."