Thursday, October 02, 2008

Update in a Minute

- We are *in.* Safe and sound, new place, new car, new city.
- I have my new driver's license.
- The movers dropped off all of our boxes today.
- So far, no bedbugs.  Hopefully it stays that way forever.
- Also, no TV cable.  I thought I packed it but I am wrong.
- Kitchen is mostly unpacked, bedroom is mostly unpacked, but living room/wardrobe stuff still need to be tackled.
- The weather here is gorgeous.  Only a bit of rain today, and none the previous 2.
- I would really really like a wall-mounted flat screen TV.  Anyone know how to mount the thing?!?

I'll be back to blogging semi-regularly once the unpacking is done and I feel settled in.  We are still needing to shop for some big ticket stuff (a new guest bed, a new desk, dining room set, stools, TV & stand...) but that will probably not happen in the next week.  I am giving myself a month to get it all done.

Happy Friday!!! :)


tejanamama said...

Glad things are moving smoothly!!! **hugs**

Curlz said...

I have always liked moving: new places, new people, new experiences. I wish the best for you in your new home ~ Curlz