Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Little Secret

When we moved into our new apartment, we upgraded from carpeted floors to laminate ones. Though I'm not particularly familiar with this type of flooring, I had heard it was pretty tough stuff, and not easy to scratch up.

Imagine my dismay, then, to see that our supposedly durable flooring had scratches on it, both prior to our movers coming through, and afterwards.  I panicked, of course, knowing that any damages to the unit would be attributed to us even if we didn't cause them; such is the law of the landlords.  So, in my panicked state, I began Googling for something that might help to reduce/hide/eliminate the scratches.  I was getting pretty desperate when I came across the Trade Secret Scratch Remover (available at Rona).  I ordered it immediately, cost be darned.  I needed to fix these scratches even if they weren't mine!

When we received the scratch remover (which comes in two different shades), I immediately took the oil to the floor with a soft cloth.  It was like watching a magic trick.  As my remover-soaked towel rubbed over the scratches, they darkened and then seemed to disappear into the desigh of the floor.  It was incredible.  Of course, deeper scratches leave a bit of a groove and those are not fillable, but this stuff has covered them up so effectively that unless you are looking closely, you won't see any scratches.  

I am impressed, and this is my new favourite product for the floor.  I thought I'd share, in the event that you happen to have supposedly durable flooring that isn't really that tough after all.  As it is, I am starting to suspect that this is hardwood, and not laminate as we were told.  Whatever our flooring is, this product worked.  Get some so you can save your security deposit! :)