Monday, October 27, 2008

My Favourite Things ABC's

The vitriol coursing through my veins last night was replaced by sunshine and rainbows this morning.  As a result, my disposition shifted significantly, and now I'm ready to post my superficial list of things that give me warm fuzzies inside.  No, I'm not bipolar, but I think my mood is proportional to the number of hours of sleep I get.  I also wanted to post something positive to counter the negativity from yesterday; consider it a ying-yang, balance-out-the-universe sort of thing.

Autumn - the best season of the year...and also the prettiest.
Bookstores - I could seriously kill several hours wandering through these places
Christmas - caroling, presents, decorations galore...I love it all!
Date nights with my Hubbs
Envelopes that have self-sealing, adhesive flaps that I don't have to lick
Fuzzy slippers and flannel pajamas, especially in the winter (not sexy, but oh so comfy!)
Glow-in-the dark stuff (glow-sticks at concerts, stars on bedroom walls, etc.)
Hot chocolate made with real chocolate shavings and skim milk
IPhone - I don't own one, but I know how cool it is because I've been coveting Hubbs' phone
Jacuzzi tubs built for two
Kauai - I'd like to go back and lounge on the beach there
Laughter, which is indeed contagious
Massages that go deep into the tissues and release tension in my back
Nightlife and the buzz of it on busy streets at 10:00 p.m.
Ocean sounds
Pampered Chef goodies, especially my garlic press that works so well
Quick wit
Rieslings that are super sweet and fruity
Smells of fresh-baked goods and coffee in the morning
Travelling to and exploring new and exciting places with my man
Unexpected kindness from and for others that restores hope
Vegas - home of C.S.I. the original, neon lights, flashy shows, nickel slots, and outlet stores
Washed sheets and blankets on a newly-made bed - that first sleep is always the best
Young-at-heart attitudes people have, regardless of their biological age
Zero balances on credit card bills