Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Looked in the Mirror and Said, "Hello, Narcissus!"

It is with some shame and embarrassment that I admit that I've joined the ranks of Twitter.  Initially, the impetus to do so came from watching Hubbs "tweet" with his friends; I wanted to see the exchanges and the jokes and this was the easier alternative to constantly asking him to show me his Twitter page.

However, since joining all of 2 days ago, I've been in constant tweet mode.  For those of you still pure and innocent to the ways of the Twitterdom, it is an online program (something like Facebook) that allows you to follow others (sort of like adding friends) and be followed by others.  "Following" entails reading these individuals' perpetual status updates and 140 characters-or-less statements made to others in their Twitterworld.  It's inane fun, and sometimes a helpful means of posting a "shout-out" to see if anyone in the city/area is interested in grabbing a bite to eat.   

However, it is also the height of narcissism, at least in my case.  To presume that someone, anyone, would care about my thoughts and opinions and mundane life events from minute to minute is incredibly self-centered and indulgent.  

And yet, I continue Twittering, tossing more useless information into the vacuous black hole of the World Wide Web.  

I must be a real narcissist.


Ontario Emperor said...

OK, now we just have to get you on FriendFeed and your narcissism will be complete. :)



Mack D. Male said...

Welcome to Twitter! We're happy to have you :)

vien said...

How do I "follow" your Twitter?

It's a nicely coined tech name, cute enough to be appealing...

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Thanks OE and MacD - you guys are on my Twitter feed now!

Vien - I will email you my link, and then you just have to click on "Follow" (after you've set up your account). :)

Curlz said...

I've always believed that those of us who blog and writers in general are a bit narcissistic. I mean really,...we write because we believe we have something to offer. If not narcissistic perhaps arrogant, self centered, self involved...? Otherwise, we would simply write in a private journal - am I right? I enjoy reading the thoughts of others, and driveling about my own, so please -- don't stop!