Saturday, October 11, 2008



Who knew we needed a GPS so badly?  We didn't until we bought one today, and already I can't believe that I didn't invest money in one of these sooner.  We even splurged, and bought ourselves the new, high-end Garmin Nuvi 880 GPS with touch-free voice recognition controls (rather than the normal text-to-speech models).  We tested the device out while I was learning to navigate Van roads at night driving to and from the airport; en route back to our place, I totally missed the turn-off to head to downtown Vancouver, and our smarty-pants GPS was right there to show us an easy alternate route to correct my boo-boo.  Brilliant!  :)  The best part of all was that not once did I need to reach my short little arms over to the window-mounted device in order to program it to go to the airport or go home; I just had to press a button and talk to it!!!  Amazing.

You know I'll be playing with our nifty GPS a lot in the next couple of weeks, as we explore and get used to our new city.  Once we have a chance, we'll even take this handy device on the road when we head down to Seattle for some shopping!

I highly recommend this road essential, in spite of its cost, to anyone in need of a portable navigation system.  It is probably the safest GPS on the market today, since it doesn't require you to have to use touch to interact with it.  The UI (user interface) is very intuitive for the novice user, and the display is large and clear.  Best of all, it can quickly help you correct your course when you miss a turn or find yourself in the wrong lane for that right turn ;)


tejanamama said...

My friend here has the older kind and loves it. My dh, however, is quite anti being told anything having to do with directions! he would NEVER allow such cheating to occur! He finds his way, somehow, although detours do happen from time to time. THANKFULLY, he's quiet adept when it comes to directions and learning a new place quickly. I had lived here before and he knew shortcuts and paths I hadn't tried before! Give him a week or two and he can find his way around most places. Those first two weeks, however. NO FUN! :) Glad you are happy and enjoying your new adventure!

Natalie said...

Tony and I just got back from vacationing in the Seattle area and when I saw you guys were thinking of heading that way to shop I thought how much you two would LOVE one of the rentals we got. totally luxurious and wonderful. The website doesn't do it justice.

Natalie said...

oh, and of course congratulations on your move! It sounds like you are settling in wonderfully.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

@Tejanamama - my Hubbs thinks he has an inbuilt GPS as well. Unfortunately, he is wrong ;)

@Natalie - Thanks for the link; it looks like you guys had an amazing time, and that place would be a PERFECT getaway! I particularly like the outdoor jacuzzi and the gourmet kitchen ;) Welcome home from your getaway!!

Curlz said...

As a directionally challenged woman, I soooo need one of those! Doesn't it freak you out a bit, though, that our technology is bringing us to a place where we can be tracked anywhere? Think "End Times" - "Left Behind". I don't know - call me paranoid.