Monday, September 22, 2008

A Season of Adult-ness

In recent weeks, aside from reading about bedbuggery, I've been immersing myself in U.S. politics (and Canadian ones to some extent...but let's face it, ours is far less scandalous and interesting), economic news, and real estate.  

These are not the interests of a young-at-heart fun chick.  These are the interests of a boring stodgy adult.  And I may have become one of them!

That said, I'm not apologizing for my newfound interest in relevant issues of the day.  As our continent enters into a season of possibly new leadership (please let it be so!) and our economies become ever-more dependent on government bailouts (in the form of printing more money...I don't get it!), the inevitability of change (both good and bad) looms near.  The repercussions of previous government policies, the ebb and flow of artificial economics, and natural disasters beyond humankind's control have a tremendous effect on us, the lowly consumer/citizen.  Fuel costs surge, food costs climb, and investments tank.  Nobody is immune from the fallout.  

I think my recent transition into "adult-ness" (with adulthood being the biological state of maturing, and adult-ness being the willful choice to embrace the maturing process) has also spilled over into my shopping habits.  Where once I would have spent the majority of my time inside a shoe or brand-name clothing store, I now seem to be gravitating towards house-and-home shops, furniture warehouses, and IKEA.  Where once I would have saved up money to get some name-brand cosmetics from a department store, I now save up money to buy big-ticket items like furniture and flat-screen TV's.  I've even found myself becoming interested in cleaning supplies and fabric softener!  

But 'tis not a sad day, folks.  I think it is nice to be an adult.  There's definitely a distinct lack of optimism as cruel reality creeps into the picture, but at the same time I find it a wonderful challenge to try to maintain my youthful optimism/idealism in the face of glaring reality.  I consider it one of my life goals to stay youthful and joyful in spite of the world around me; rather than be sucked into the gloom-and-doom of it all, I choose to embrace change and find ways within that context to remain content and hopeful and find silver linings.  

That's where I'm at.  Now if you will excuse me, I've got some boxes to pack...and a few more blogs to read. ;)


Anonymous said...

I've been into politics since I was in high school. Did that mean that I was adult as a 17-year old? Or does that mean I'm destined to run for politics?? :)


tejanamama said...

Packing is the WORST :( Hating life right now.

Growing up kinda sucks, but its inevitable. You are late to the game my friend! I was highly into politics since 18 though. It was time to vote and I was ALL OVER IT! :) I love it and its been an interesting year for it and I think many people are starting to become interested or find they need to because things are so dire.

The economy stuff is just insanity. WTH is happening!? Very glad I have the money to lend the goverment now so they can bail out the companies and give the CEO's the huge pkgs they deserve for F*king up everything to begin with. I wish someone would pay me millions for running a company into bankruptcy! SOUNDS FUN! ;)