Monday, September 29, 2008

Got Change?

It seems to me that change (particularly the change of relocation) is only difficult for those who are "left behind."

You may have heard that we're moving. This decision has prompted many a farewell dinner and/or coffee and/or "good-bye" celebration, during which our loved ones have expressed their sweet sentiments to us, letting us know that we will be missed, etc. The scenes of the past few days have been oddly reminiscent of those weeks prior to my first big move to Hong Kong.

It occurred to me at that time, and I was reminded of it again this time 'round, that though we will very much miss our friends and family, the move is easy for us. It is what we feel is right for us, and it is something that we want to do. As a result, there is a tremendous sense of anticipation and excitement in our hearts as we go about the business of preparing for the move.

For some of our friends and family, however, there is a sense of loss or sadness that accompanies our decision. Though they may be very happy for us, they find themselves feeling a mixture of emotions far less positive than our own. The change is harder for them to take, being the ones "left behind," than it is for us.

I think the same principle operates when people pass away. Again, it is harder for the ones who are left here than it is for the one who is no longer here.

I'm sure there is a psychological explanation for all of this, albeit one that I have not done any research on. I just know that change (for Hubbs and I, anyway) is coming and we're completely loving it, and yet we find ourselves surrounded by people who will feel a small sense of loss when we're gone.

To those, I would say this: don't worry. Like Frosty the Snowman, we'll be back again some day (except that the "someday" for us will likely be a time when there is no snow in this city!).

See you on the flip side! :D


tejanamama said...

These big moves are SOOO exciting. Good luck starting this new chapter of your life! ENJOY IT! I can only imagine how people in your life must feel...its hard to lose a friend!!! I know you don't get "lost" but the sense of loss is great when a loved one moves away! TAKE CARE! Have a safe trip and drop me a line when you are safe and semi settled. I won't wait until you are settled cuz that would be TOO long of a wait ;)