Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fear and Loathing

Fear: The Economy

As I sit reading my real estate blogs and watching the news, I realize that we're all in for a long ride down the hill.  I notice a rather drastic drop
 in our RRSP/mutual fund values, causing my pulse to quicken and my blood pressure to rise.  My only consolation is in the fact that we've been too lazy to put all of our eggs in any basket, so we still have funds not invested in any of the plummeting stocks du jour (though gold certainly looks promising now!). Nonetheless, I wonder how others are faring.  I wonder whether we are entering into a period of darkness akin to the Great Depression.  I look at the U.S. and the situation with AIG, Fanny & Freddie, and Merrill Lynch.  It does not inspire much hope for the near future, does it?  *sigh*

Loathing: Bedbugs

So yesterday my attention was suddenly called to the bedbug infestation that seems to plague all the major cities in Canada.  It sent my brain into panic mode.  We are bug free.  We live in a bug-free unit and we're moving into a bug-free building.  However, we are being moved by trucks that may not be bug-free, sharing the space with two other loads that may also not be bug-free. What is a girl to do?  The only solution: enter into full-blown code red protection mode.  I've taken to sealing every single hole and open edge of every one of our moving boxes.  I will also be shrink-wrapping every office file box (all 30 of them) that we're using for our move.  I am demanding that our movers shrink wrap every piece of our furniture, including dressers, and that they inspect their truck and the other loads for signs of bed-buggery.  I am also ditching our spare mattress, that has been stored in our storage space (unwrapped) for the past year.  Who knows if there may have been some creepy crawlies that have nested into the mattress after coming in from a crevice in the wall (of which there are many in the storage space)?

From everything I have read (the horror stories abound, people), bedbugs are a nuisance that are hard to get rid of once infestation occurs.  In BC, apparently the government doesn't do enough to protect people from bedbugs because they do not pose a physical risk to public health.  They only drive people psychologically insane from the paranoia and inconvenience of having to battle them day in and day out.

If by some stroke of incredibly poor luck, we manage to contract bedbugs from this move, you'd better believe I will be illegally purchasing (or else making my own) DDT to get rid of these mothersuckers.  I am prepared for war.


Natalie said...

The economy is certainly going downhill. It is very likely we could go into an updated great depression type spin. With the ever shrinking size of the world the markets are more linked together than ever and people are in for a world of hurt. It's good that you don't have all your eggs in one basket, no one should. You guys are young enough that you should be able to ride it out and then reap the rewards that come with every market upswing. I wouldn't worry too much.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I am in total agreement. And thankfully, both you and I are young and resilient enough to survive the crisis, plus we were smart enough not to be spending outside our means. However, my fear is not so much for myself as it is for those who will not be able to ride it out. When people encounter desperate times, some resort to desperate measures. I am not excited to see the crime rates climb.