Monday, September 08, 2008

Boxes Boxes Everywhere!

Now that the wedding is over (congratulations Congee & Benji!) the real work begins.  Though Hubbs and I have already started putting things in boxes, we have many more items to pack (including our entire wardrobe).  I have never dreaded packing (I far prefer it to unpacking, TBH), but when you have movers taking your stuff, you have to be extra careful to pack things well so that there isn't much of a chance of breakage.  This translates into
 extra work (read: can't just throw stuff into a box and be done with it) and extra waste.  We're using bubble wrap because I cannot tolerate all that newsprint, but I am certain that such a decision isn't winning me any points with environmentalists. :(

So if I'm in and out, blog-wise, you'll know it is because yours truly is neck-deep in boxes!  I still have need of more moving boxes, too, so if you have any, feel free to think of me as your dumping ground for any large, solid, mover-friendly boxes that you may wish to unload.


tejanamama said...

When is the move? GOOD LUCK! hate moving too. we are moving ourself in a few weeks. blah! I should be neck deep in boxes myself but i'm such a procrastinator :(