Monday, September 29, 2008

Got Change?

It seems to me that change (particularly the change of relocation) is only difficult for those who are "left behind."

You may have heard that we're moving. This decision has prompted many a farewell dinner and/or coffee and/or "good-bye" celebration, during which our loved ones have expressed their sweet sentiments to us, letting us know that we will be missed, etc. The scenes of the past few days have been oddly reminiscent of those weeks prior to my first big move to Hong Kong.

It occurred to me at that time, and I was reminded of it again this time 'round, that though we will very much miss our friends and family, the move is easy for us. It is what we feel is right for us, and it is something that we want to do. As a result, there is a tremendous sense of anticipation and excitement in our hearts as we go about the business of preparing for the move.

For some of our friends and family, however, there is a sense of loss or sadness that accompanies our decision. Though they may be very happy for us, they find themselves feeling a mixture of emotions far less positive than our own. The change is harder for them to take, being the ones "left behind," than it is for us.

I think the same principle operates when people pass away. Again, it is harder for the ones who are left here than it is for the one who is no longer here.

I'm sure there is a psychological explanation for all of this, albeit one that I have not done any research on. I just know that change (for Hubbs and I, anyway) is coming and we're completely loving it, and yet we find ourselves surrounded by people who will feel a small sense of loss when we're gone.

To those, I would say this: don't worry. Like Frosty the Snowman, we'll be back again some day (except that the "someday" for us will likely be a time when there is no snow in this city!).

See you on the flip side! :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Season of Adult-ness


In recent weeks, aside from reading about bedbuggery, I've been immersing myself in U.S. politics (and Canadian ones to some extent...but let's face it, ours is far less scandalous and interesting), economic news, and real estate.  

These are not the interests of a young-at-heart fun chick.  These are the interests of a boring stodgy adult.  And I may have become one of them!

That said, I'm not apologizing for my newfound interest in relevant issues of the day.  As our continent enters into a season of possibly new leadership (please let it be so!) and our economies become ever-more dependent on government bailouts (in the form of printing more money...I don't get it!), the inevitability of change (both good and bad) looms near.  The repercussions of previous government policies, the ebb and flow of artificial economics, and natural disasters beyond humankind's control have a tremendous effect on us, the lowly consumer/citizen.  Fuel costs surge, food costs climb, and investments tank.  Nobody is immune from the fallout.  

I think my recent transition into "adult-ness" (with adulthood being the biological state of maturing, and adult-ness being the willful choice to embrace the maturing process) has also spilled over into my shopping habits.  Where once I would have spent the majority of my time inside a shoe or brand-name clothing store, I now seem to be gravitating towards house-and-home shops, furniture warehouses, and IKEA.  Where once I would have saved up money to get some name-brand cosmetics from a department store, I now save up money to buy big-ticket items like furniture and flat-screen TV's.  I've even found myself becoming interested in cleaning supplies and fabric softener!  

But 'tis not a sad day, folks.  I think it is nice to be an adult.  There's definitely a distinct lack of optimism as cruel reality creeps into the picture, but at the same time I find it a wonderful challenge to try to maintain my youthful optimism/idealism in the face of glaring reality.  I consider it one of my life goals to stay youthful and joyful in spite of the world around me; rather than be sucked into the gloom-and-doom of it all, I choose to embrace change and find ways within that context to remain content and hopeful and find silver linings.  

That's where I'm at.  Now if you will excuse me, I've got some boxes to pack...and a few more blogs to read. ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fear and Loathing


Fear: The Economy

As I sit reading my real estate blogs and watching the news, I realize that we're all in for a long ride down the hill.  I notice a rather drastic drop
 in our RRSP/mutual fund values, causing my pulse to quicken and my blood pressure to rise.  My only consolation is in the fact that we've been too lazy to put all of our eggs in any basket, so we still have funds not invested in any of the plummeting stocks du jour (though gold certainly looks promising now!). Nonetheless, I wonder how others are faring.  I wonder whether we are entering into a period of darkness akin to the Great Depression.  I look at the U.S. and the situation with AIG, Fanny & Freddie, and Merrill Lynch.  It does not inspire much hope for the near future, does it?  *sigh*

Loathing: Bedbugs

So yesterday my attention was suddenly called to the bedbug infestation that seems to plague all the major cities in Canada.  It sent my brain into panic mode.  We are bug free.  We live in a bug-free unit and we're moving into a bug-free building.  However, we are being moved by trucks that may not be bug-free, sharing the space with two other loads that may also not be bug-free. What is a girl to do?  The only solution: enter into full-blown code red protection mode.  I've taken to sealing every single hole and open edge of every one of our moving boxes.  I will also be shrink-wrapping every office file box (all 30 of them) that we're using for our move.  I am demanding that our movers shrink wrap every piece of our furniture, including dressers, and that they inspect their truck and the other loads for signs of bed-buggery.  I am also ditching our spare mattress, that has been stored in our storage space (unwrapped) for the past year.  Who knows if there may have been some creepy crawlies that have nested into the mattress after coming in from a crevice in the wall (of which there are many in the storage space)?

From everything I have read (the horror stories abound, people), bedbugs are a nuisance that are hard to get rid of once infestation occurs.  In BC, apparently the government doesn't do enough to protect people from bedbugs because they do not pose a physical risk to public health.  They only drive people psychologically insane from the paranoia and inconvenience of having to battle them day in and day out.

If by some stroke of incredibly poor luck, we manage to contract bedbugs from this move, you'd better believe I will be illegally purchasing (or else making my own) DDT to get rid of these mothersuckers.  I am prepared for war.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Boxes Boxes Everywhere!


Now that the wedding is over (congratulations Congee & Benji!) the real work begins.  Though Hubbs and I have already started putting things in boxes, we have many more items to pack (including our entire wardrobe).  I have never dreaded packing (I far prefer it to unpacking, TBH), but when you have movers taking your stuff, you have to be extra careful to pack things well so that there isn't much of a chance of breakage.  This translates into
 extra work (read: can't just throw stuff into a box and be done with it) and extra waste.  We're using bubble wrap because I cannot tolerate all that newsprint, but I am certain that such a decision isn't winning me any points with environmentalists. :(

So if I'm in and out, blog-wise, you'll know it is because yours truly is neck-deep in boxes!  I still have need of more moving boxes, too, so if you have any, feel free to think of me as your dumping ground for any large, solid, mover-friendly boxes that you may wish to unload.