Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Wonder.... many people who've approached me to participate in a pyramid scheme have actually become millionaires or billionaires, or even semi-wealthy?

In the last few years, I have been solicited by many people wanting me to join or invest money in their multi-level-marketing scams: Quixtar, Network 21, World Financial Group, Primerica, and Vector Marketing, just to name a few.

Every "offer" I received came with promises of receiving passive income up to $10K/month, gaining additional time to spend with loved ones, and being able to "quit your day job." I wonder how many of these folks no longer have to work their "day jobs." I wonder how many of them are so stinkin' rich that they can afford to live on their "passive incomes" alone, or even yield some sort of profit in excess of $100 each month. I wonder how many of these people actually find themselves spending more time with their family each week, as opposed to spending all of their evenings and weekends trying to build their downlines.

This week, I have noticed "Quixtar" commercials cropping up like weeds on CTV. It has annoyed me to no end, particularly since I am not unaware of the lawsuits and FTC complaints surrounding this company, which has been called both a cult and a scam.

Is our society so saturated with naive folks or greedy individuals that these companies see a population of untapped potential to sucker into their scams? Who doesn't use Google or the Internet these days?!? Who doesn't bother to apply critical thinking skills or do due diligence?!?

I am baffled; words escape me. If those who've approached me have somehow found their way to the money tree without too much effort or bridge-burning, then all the more power to them. Hubbs and I are able to tuck away a good chunk of change and live well and love our day jobs and spend evenings and weekends together without being involved in any of these silly pyramids, so we'll just keep sticking to old fashioned hard work to build our nest eggs, thankyouverymuch.