Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He Took The Last Bar!!

He did ask before he took it, of course, and as any good wife should, of course I said yes. However, we're not talking about some plain ol' chocolate bar here. We're talking about the most delicious protein bar that has been made since the history of protein bars.

We're talking about this:

It's the caviar of protein bars. Instead of tasting like chalk or fake chocolate or some other equally disgusting flavour (as most protein bars tend to have), this one actually tastes like a peanut butter chocolate bar. It has this crunchy texture to part of it (think Crispy Crunch), a soft gooey nougat centre (like in an O'Henry!) and a thick palate-sticking layer of peanut butter, all covered by chocolate that actually tastes like chocolate.

And Hubbs has our last bar. I'm thinking I might need to take a little grocery trip today.

**So, when Hubbs came home today, I discovered that he had read this post. Spousal guilt must have set in, or the guy must love me to bits, because he didn't eat the bar. He saved it for me!! I love my Hubbs! :)


Curlz said...

Could this be the answer to my dreams? One question: How many grams of sugar & mg of sodium?

Mrs. Loquacious said...

It is the answer to mine ;) Sugar grams = 10, sugar alcohols = 14, calories = 400 (think MRP), and 270 mg sodium. :)

Vanilla said...

Haha, you'd think if you blogged about it, it must mean something to you...hence his guilt. You're sooo bad...go buy a case so you don't have to "claim" the bars :)